Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/09/2010

Freedom to Observe

Observation is an interesting skill. Just watching and not interfering in any way, not even with our thoughts, is an act of great discipline. I often practice it in the garden when I look at a flower. Instead of looking at it and thinking “that is a beautiful colour” or “that is red” or anything at all, I try to just look at it and keep all thoughts silent. You should try it sometime, then you will know just how difficult it is!

Observing requires the absence of thought. Thinking is one of man’s most dangerous actions because it is rarely accompanied by intuition. It is a tool which is not content until it is the master.
Observation requires one to suspend thought and to operate only on intuition.

Observing also requires the absence of investment of Self, which is the antithesis of how we are trained. We are trained, from childhood, to invest every action of every being, who is not ‘me’, with meaning. Mother did not come because she was busy. Father did not play football with ‘me’ because he was tired. Teacher did not let ‘me’ answer because she doesn’t like ‘me’. Peter is a bully because he is a nasty boy. We build on the meaning we have gleaned until we have a house on the sand. ‘Mother could not come because she was busy’ eventually becomes ‘Mother is too busy to be bothered with me’ which, in turn, becomes ‘Mother does not care about me.’ Where do we stop?

We do not observe. We leap into the world external to us and invest ourselves in that world.
We draw conclusions which are fully supported by reason and logic. We look for ways in which the actions of others affect us, as though that were the purpose of the action in the first place. Having found the effect we respond and a whole world of trouble opens up.Instead of observing, we judge. We draw conclusions, we decide on meaning, on intent, on reason.

Having reached a conclusion we must act upon it. This results in our actions being in response to the judgement we made. We are not dealing with the other person, as a person who is separate from us, but as a person who is linked to us; linked via our judgements.

Bang goes our freedom.

Observing allows us to step away from judgement and experience the world without the need to react to it. Observing restores our freedom.


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