Posted by: forfreedomalone | 13/11/2010

The Way of Peace

In the past week I have had contact with numerous people, as have you all. I was very aware, with each and every one, of the emotions which were governing the situations about which I was being consulted. I noted them down and this is what I found :- anxiety, anger, depression, frustration, conflict, striving, victimisation, fear and self-destruction in various forms. The words which came from their mouths proclaimed love, compassion, self-sacrifice and desire for the end of conflict, but the actions they were taking made these goals impossible.

The one thread which bound them all (bar two) was that they professed to be “Christians”. The two who did not were open to receiving information on how to deal with all these destructive emotions, the rest were not.
What a bizarre thing, I thought. People who claim to be followers of Christ are in the mess they are in and are not willing to change their attitudes in order to achieve the desired goals; were not prepared to ‘repent’ (change their minds) and see things from God’s perspective rather than their own. They had a wealth of scripture to quote on the need for a change of mind, of the fact that man’s opinion is not right. They wanted peace, they said, yet they were sowing trouble. What was going on here?
In every case, subtle thought it was, the answer was because they believed that they were right and they had to take a stand about whatever it was which was dividing them from their friends, family or colleagues.
One person told me “You see, she is wrong in what she believes. She thinks that letting those children behave like  is loving and I know it is not. I cannot stand by and say nothing or I would be agreeing with her. Those children are my grandchildren, I love them and want the best for them, but she will not discipline them and teach them the way they should go.” (Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it)Her attitude to her daughter-in-law was causing a rift in the family. Her son was torn between loyalty to his wife and loyalty to his mother. The result was that the children were not brought to the grandparent’s home any more.
She could cope with this because she was right. 

Another woman was in constant conflict with her husband over whither the rapture was before the tribulation or after! Can you believe what people will destroy relationships over? My response of “Who cares?” was not what she was looking for. He had to see that she was right; because after all if she was right he had to be wrong and that would lead to all sorts of evil.
A man felt his sister was being disrespectful of him by turning up late every time they arranged a get together. He was right about this, being late is disrespectful, therefore, he had to take a stand. They fought every time they met (because she was late every time) and parted enraged with one another. The meetings, naturally, were getting farther apart!
In one way this man is a good example. He was right, being persistently late is disrespectful; but being right was more important to him than being kept waiting. The little brother of ‘being right’ is ‘punishment’; so being right meant he had to punish her for her lateness. He was right and she was made fully aware of this, she was told off and lectured on the merits of organisation and punctuality. So that should have been the end of that then?
No chance!

He, like all the others was sowing condemnation, disapproval, superiority and a lack of love. He reaped the same and was then furious at not receiving respect and love.
If a farmer has wheat in the basket when he goes out to sow his fields he cannot, if he is reasonable and sane, expect to reap oats. One can only reap what one sows.

Do you have disharmony and pain in your life? If you don’t you are probably either perfect or dead!
How are you going to deal with that disharmony and pain? Are you going to sow more suffering or are you going to sow love and peace? Paul put it like this “As much as it is possible from what lies within you, live at peace with all men”.

What lies within you will be that which emanates from you. If you are speaking words of peace and love, yet treating people with contempt, anger and self-interest you cannot help up stir up trouble. If you want to reap peace you must sow peace. If you cannot sow peace it is because you are lacking peace within you and it is almost certain you have a wound from which your peace is leaking. That wound was, almost certainly, inflicted before you were 5 years of age. Can you forgive that person? Can you set yourself free from them and what they did or did not do? All of your tomorrows are firmly rooted in all your yesterdays. Only the healing power of one who transcends time will set you free from this bondage.

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