Posted by: forfreedomalone | 20/01/2011

Consider this.

It is about now, towards the end of January, that I start to get the clients I call The New Year Nutters. Every New Year they make resolutions, promises to themselves to change something about themselves or their lives. Every January they  fail to effect a change to the targeted area and so they begin the process of self abuse, self hatred, self flagellation until they spiral down into condemnation. By the end of February they are defeated, by June they are despondent and by December they will have worked out that what they require is to resolve to change this area of their life; a process they contract to  begin in January.

Einstein, a man of some intelligence, said that Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. My New Year’s Nutters are all insane!
They hope that by not eating bread they will lose the weight they want to lose; did it work last year? NO, then why will it work this year.
They hope that by going to the gym they will get fitter; did it work last year? NO, then why will it work this year?
They hope that by being nicer to people they will feel better about themselves; did that work last year? NO, so why would it this year?
Simple answer……it won’t.
More effort applied to the same action which has failed repeatedly will only turn into more self abuse,hatred and flagellation. IF you really want change you need to start with changing the change.

Altering circumstances will not alter how you feel about you or who you are in the depths of your being. It will simply alter circumstances. If you want change to be permanent you need to change your beliefs about you. If you see yourself as fat you are doomed to be and remain fat. If you see yourself as unloved you are doomed to be and remain unloved. If you see yourself as useless, stupid, ill, broke or a failure you are doomed to be and remain the very thing you see yourself as being. You have created an image of yourself and your mind and heart will do everything in their power to create what you believe in. You need to change the input before you can hope to have a different output.
Your body may be overweight, your business may not be making any money, you may be in hospital with tubes in every orifice, but that is NOT who you are. Those are your circumstances, they do not define who you are.

In any situation where there is a problem I find it saves time and, usually gets me a better result, if I just go to the top. No offense intended to all the rungs in between but I just skip over them and go as high as I can go. So I go to the top when it comes to the question “Who am I?” and the answer I get is loved, unconditionally; valued above life itself; a source of joy forever; a precious treasure. Who would think so highly of me? There is only one who could ever see me this way………despite all the warts…………God.

He loves you that way too.
No, he does not require you to do ANYTHING to earn that love, you do not need to change, renounce your glass of wine, motorbike, night at the pub, rap music, whatever it is that you enjoy. He does not require you to, join a religious organisation, in fact he would rather that you do not; work with the poor, give away heaps of money, dress differently, associate with different people or move to a new neighbourhood. He does not require anything from you. He just loves you.

He is at peace with you. He will NEVER be angry with any human being for anything. He will never demand you give up anything you love to do; he will never punish you for anything; he won’t shout at or scold you; he will never send you away or leave you; he will never change his mind about loving you. He just loves you; there is nothing you can do to earn that love and there is nothing you can do to make it stop.

Now if you could get that message. If you could see and understand just how much he loves you, don’t you think it would change how you see yourself? Then you would be able to lose that weight; get fitter; be nicer; be well; be wealthy and never have to exert any effort to achieve your goals. They would just flow out of how you see yourself, in exactly the same way as all the things you now hate flow out of how you see yourself at this moment.

Worth thinking about?


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