Posted by: forfreedomalone | 12/02/2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

This month people all over the world will send and receive Valentine cards, gifts and flowers. Some will receive proposals of marriage. The day will be a moment in the lives of many when love is felt and expressed in a way it would not be on any other day of the year. The love professed is, usually, of the romantic type; a love which feels deeply the emotions of love and is subject to circumstance. How many ‘fall in love’ and never fall out again? How many proclamations of ‘undying love’ will be made on the 14th to be moribund by the following month?

The Valentine, after whom the day was named, was believed to be a Roman Christian who aided others in the persecution of Claudius II and refused to renounce his own beliefs, for which he was clubbed and beheaded on the 14th February 270. Whither or not this is factual no longer matters, what matters is that the day on which we celebrate love was started in memory of someone whose loving act was not romantic, nor erotic, nor even platonic but totally self sacrificing. He laid down his life for his friends and his beliefs.

Real love does not change according to circumstances, it endures through all trials, it only sees good and only hopes for better yet, it is given for the welfare of the other and rejoices when the other benefits, it does not seek reciprocation, it hold in high regard the one who is loved, it forgives everything, it is utterly unconditional.

As you prepare to show your love to the ones you love this St Valentine’s Day consider what love really is. Enjoy the romantic, erotic or platonic side of love but remember that love in its purest essence is the setting aside if self for the welfare of another. Remember also that as  you give the love you have to give to the important people in your life you may be forgetting someone who needs that love more than anyone else. You.
If we will hold in high regard another, will we do the same for ourselves? Will we be patient with ourselves? Be forgiving, seek our own welfare, be kind and gentle with ourselves? You can only give what you have already received, so remember to love you this St Valentine’s Day. You will have more to give when you do.


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