Posted by: forfreedomalone | 21/03/2011

A question of balance

I was asked an interesting question today. “Why is God not female?”
He is.
“But I thought he was male?”
He is.
He looked confused. I seem to have that effect on people.
I took him back to the beginning, then it became clear.

In the beginning God created the world in a state of complete balance. There was day and night; land and sea; earth and heavens; man and woman. It has been taught for millennia that God created a balanced universe, yet he is imbalanced. He is male, amen. You cannot create what you do not understand, what you do not know. He could not create woman if he did not understand what woman was. God has to be as male as he is female, as female as he is male. This does not mean he is hermaphrodite, he means he has understanding of both sexes equally.

It also leads us to another fact with which the church is uncomfortable. If God is love, which the apostle John tells us he is, and he is balanced, which his own creations tells us he is, then he must be as much not-love (or fear) as he is love. To be anything else would make him off balance again. The same apostle tells us, at the beginning of the very first chapter of his writing, that EVERYTHING which exists was created by God. Therefore, fear was created by God. It has to be otherwise it would not exist. Why would he create it? As part of the process of free will. He has free will and so do we, but it is a fat lot of use if there is nothing between which to choose. The amazing thing, to me at least, is that knowing fear (or evil), being capable of the most incredible feats of evil which are rooted in fear, he CHOSE to be love. And this in turn makes love actually worth something.
If I love because that is what I am and I have no choice about it, then my love means nothing. It is as remarkable as a vacuum vacuuming, or a toaster toasting; what else would we expect them to do?
However, a vacuum toasting would be something to write home about!
If God is love and has no other aspect to him then his love is pointless, but having another side to him, which he chose to pour out on his son rather then you and me, makes his love worth everything. He now is love, because his wrath is satisfied, he has no more need of it; but to show love to you and love only, was a choice he made.

God loves us, each and every one of us, as we stand right now. He loves us because he loves us. Not because we do or do not do certain things, but because of who he is. Jesus took away the sin of the WHOLE world, not certain members of it and, thereby, reinstated the state of peace between us and God. We are all loved, treasured, precious and valuable in his sight. He COULD have wiped us all off the face of the earth, but he CHOSE to love us and take his wrath out on his son instead.

Do not let anyone tell you that you need to change to be loved by God; you are loved right now, as you are, even if you don’t believe his exists.

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