Posted by: forfreedomalone | 08/04/2011

Doctrine Crusher of the Day

From a deep word study I was doing I offer you this.

Evil = To attempt to know/ or avoid knowing God by means of reason.

Sin = To hold a belief about God which does not agree with what he says about himself.

sin = actions taken to meet our needs based upon our reasoning.

Righteous = as it should be, in ever way.

So, people who are evil (who attempt to know/or avoid knowing God by means of reason) are Sinners (people who hold beliefs about who God is which are contradictory to what he says about himself) and, therefore, sin (attempt to meet thier needs by their own methods)

People who are Righteous are not Sinner because they are right in every way. Their belief about who God is lines up exactly with what he, himself, says. They do not sin, because they are right in every way; they trust him to meet their needs for them, in the way he says is best.

All the actions proceed from the beliefs.

What is it which seperates one group from the other? Trust.

You will never move from the first to the second group based upon forcing yourself into different actions, but only upon different beliefs. The different actions come later and naturally.

What promotes the trust necessary to move? The unshakable knowledge that no matter who you are; what you have done; what you are currently doing; what you believe, think or say; you are loved by God. Loved with a passion so great it could not be contained in words, it had to be enacted. You don’t need to change; but once you experience that love, you will want to allow yourself to.

Not quite what most churches will tell you!


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