Posted by: forfreedomalone | 24/04/2011

Happy Easter

On this Easter Sunday morning I received many messages wishing me a Happy Easter. They included quotes about, or images of Rabbits, Eggs, Chickens, Daffodils, Christ on the Cross and Chocolate. If this is part of the Journey of the Soul there is concern that one may get lost!
What do these images all have in common?

Easter is the spring version of Christmas. A day when pagan peoples celebrated a rite of the seasons and which the legalistic and controlling church saw as needing spruced up; rather like the Sistine Chapel after the Council of Trent! Now we have an invented celebration and in the adding has come the subtracting.

Jesus Christ was no more crucified at Easter than he was born at Christmas. He no more rose on Easter Sunday than did he die on Easter Friday and adding rabbits and chocolate does not make it so.
He was crucified on the Day of Preparation. This was the day on which the Jews prepared for Passover. The house was cleansed of leaven and a perfect lamb was set aside to be killed as the Passover Sacrifice. The next day was Passover, the day after was the Sabbath and the day after that was the First Day of the Week. He had to be removed from the cross before sundown on the Day of Preparation because the Passover was a Holy Day and Jewish days begin at sunset. So, he would have been in the tomb on that night (1), the night of the Passover (2) and the night of the Sabbath (3) to rise on the first day of the week.
If he died on Easter Friday and rose on Easter Sunday he would only have been in the tomb for two nights.

However, what is far more important than altering his own words to fit the dates of someone else’s festivals, is moving the whole thing away from Passover. The whole point of the crucifixion is that it is the fulfillment of Passover, if you move it you remove its full meaning.
On the Day of Preparation the house was cleansed of leaven. Leaven was yeast, it represented anything which was inclined to infect that which was around it. Jesus warned about the leaven of the Pharisees; that is the law, rules, regulations, self righteousness.
The Passover lamb was set aside for slaughter. John the Baptist referred to Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” At the very hour during which the Jews were setting aside their lambs He was being arrested.
For Passover the lamb was killed and his blood was what stood between the people and death. They were then lead out of slavery.

The Bible tells us that He nailed the Law to the cross, not sin, and that we are lead out of the slavery of keeping laws into freedom. It also tells us that He did this for the WHOLE world, not just for select people. There is not one human being who will stand before God and answer for his lifestyle or actions; because in His death the whole world was declared innocent of lawlessness.

The only question to be answered is will you accept you are innocent before the law because of the death of a innocent lamb who gave up his life so that you can be free from rules and regulations; from trying and failing; from never being good enough? Who could say ‘No’ to that?

The bunnies and chicks are cute, the chocolate delicious and the hunting for eggs great fun; but they have nothing to do with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. So enjoy them for what they are, a celebration of the newness of life in the spring of the year, a rebirth from winter; and if you want to experience that newness of life in the Journey of your Soul then look at the Passover Lamb on an other day.


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