Posted by: forfreedomalone | 15/09/2011

Let there be light.

The most beautiful lamp ever made is a thing of joy to behold. Which lamp that is will be a matter of opinion about which we may disagree; is it a standard of wood, plain and simple or carved and ornate, is it metal crafted in the furness or with the hand of the engraver? Perhaps it is glass, clear and smooth or mulitcoloured after the fashion of Tiffany?
Whichever lamp it is that we choose it is beautiful to our eye and can be appreciated for its craftsmandship and value as it sits on our table; but if we want to see that lamp at its most beautiful we need to plug it into the electricty and switch it on.

When we plug it in nothing happens to change our lamp, it is just as it was before, a thing of beauty but not reaching the potential for which is was created.However, it has something it did not have before, the power to shine forth light.

When we switch it on, it radiates it light through the shade of silk or wood or stained glass; it takes on a new life which is not its own, but yet has become part of it.

When the electricty reaches the filiment of the bulb it does not take over the lamp, it does not change the lamp into electricty. It flows through that tiny part of the bulb which was created to contain the power of electricty and illuminate the whole of the lamp’s beauty. The lamp has not changed, but it is totally changed.

So it is with the power of God in us. When he comes to live in us he brings life to us, he does not become us nor do we become him. He does not take us over nor alter who we are, yet his illumination changes everything about us. It changes where the shadows fall, where the softness is, it changes us from function into art. We lose nothing but uselessness and gain everything by the power flowing through us. An unplugged lamp is as much use as a chocolate tea pot, it may be delightful to look at but it is not fulfiling its potential.

When we are filled with the power of God we fulfil our potential. How do we become plugged into that power?
By simply accepting his love. His love which requires nothing from us but to allow it to be there. A lamp does not have to do anything to shine, it just sits there and lets the electricty do the work for it. We need do no more that sit there and accept that we are loved as we are, without effort, change, sacrifice on our part or weeping, wailing or gnashing of teeth. We will not be converted into something we are not, but we will be transformed into all that we were created to be.


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