Posted by: forfreedomalone | 29/10/2011

Not clever enough? Think again!

Some of us know something about what it takes to train to be a Priest or Minister of the Church. Many of us have no idea whatsoever, but can guess that it would involve a great deal of study and exam passing. What it would take would pale into insignificance when compared to becoming a Rabbi.

In Hebrew culture children began at the age of six to memorize Torah. Moving through levels of education somewhat like primary, secondary and university levels the best of the best progressed until a Rabbi would pick students to study under him (to take on his yoke) and at the end of their learning period to be like him; this was the ultimate goal.

So it was in Jesus day. He worked his way up through the levels of memorizing Torah, debating and being trained in the Law by a Rabbi until he too was a Rabbi, one who could then choose his own students. Needless to say, along the way many boys did not meet the high standards required to progress to the next level and so they would take up a trade; often the family business.

When Jesus was looking for students to take on his yoke he did not look in the temple nor in the top classes in the schools, but in the villages and towns of the region in which he lived. He chose men who were tradesmen, not scholars. In choosing them he was saying to them “I believe you can be like me”.
If another Rabbi had chosen them he would have been saying the same thing, “I believe you can be like me” so why did no other Rabbi choose them? No other Rabbi wanted them because they were not intelligent enough, because they could not recite Torah from memory, because they could not debate their corner; because they were not like any other Rabbi, nor would they ever be.

Jesus chose them because they could be like him and what would make them like him? They could have a relationship with the Father. He could do all the other stuff, but he knew that by far and away the most important thing was relationship. He knew that the other Rabbis were so locked up in their heads that their hearts were hard as stone, but these men he picked they had right requirements to be disciples of his; they were men of the heart, not the head.

If you disqualify yourself from ministry of any kind because you are not ‘bright’ or ‘well read’ or ‘educated’, think again. He doesn’t want those qualifications, he wants relationship. That is his yoke, it is easy and light. You are fully qualified.


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