Posted by: forfreedomalone | 18/02/2013

It was Bliss

About 5 years ago we decide we needed help with our large, very British garden. We needed someone who would understand the plants and the way I wanted the place run. But where would we find such a person?

At the local garden show I was introduced to an Englishman who had been involved in mining engineering, but after a fall and a head injury needed a different line of work. He retrained in horticulture and, in due course, worked for the Governor General of Canada. He was forgetful as a result of the head injury. I had no such excuse; so when he came to work for me we would both point at things and called them “that thingy” and laugh.

We spend many, many happy hours together in the garden working together, chatting and being more like brother and sister than employer and employee. I depended on him totally and he never let me down.

His wife just called to say he dropped dead in the garden on Saturday.

I am stunned. I am SO glad I told him how much he meant to me, as a friend, a gardener and teacher. I deeply regret not phoning him on Friday, when I thought about it, to thank him for the work he did on the greenhouse while we were gone.

Don’t wait one more minute to tell those you love and value what they mean to you, you may not get another change.

Goodbye Martin, there will never be another like you.


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