Posted by: forfreedomalone | 18/02/2013

The Way of Peace

I was travelling in Asia recently and while I was away I was asked to help a couple who were having trouble in their marriage.
They arrived for a chat and I got the immediate impression that she was the dominant force in the relationship. She was confident and forthcoming, knew what was troubling her and appeared in control of herself and the situation.
He was quiet, deferential and seemed to be happy to do whatever she wanted.

It is impossible to really get the full measure of the situation in one moment, but I had a first impression.

As we talked it became obvious that I was reading the surface, but the deeper levels were somewhat different.
She talked of how she needed him to admit when he was wrong and gave this example.
They had been talking about something that morning and she had made a point which he had dismissed as wrong. Finally it was resolved that both were correct as they were making different and unrelated points; but he would not admit that he had made a mistake in dismissing her.
As she related this story I saw the smallest of smiles creep across his mouth and I understood one the the reasons why they are having problems.

He, while giving all the impressions on the surface, is not committed to the way of peace. He is living in pride.

If we are not committed to the way of peace there is no fertile ground in which love can germinate and grow.


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