Posted by: forfreedomalone | 21/02/2013

Meant to be here

I heard someone say “I am adopted into the family of the Lord. He chose me and now I am no longer Fatherless; I am His”. It sounded so noble, so inspiring, I was very taken with the statement. Until I thought about it. Then I realised that it was not so at all.

I have not been adopted. I was never Fatherless, so there was no need for me to be adopted. From the moment I was born, until the moment I accepted Christ, my Father was Adam. I was not a child adrift in the cosmos; I was part of a family right from square one. I was a sinner born into the family of sin started by my father Adam.

When I came to Christ and his Cross I died with him. Dead as a dodo. Stone dead. Gone, finished, extinct.
If I have truly come to Christ I cannot remain in his death, because he did not remain in his death.
If I have truly come to Christ I must be reborn, into the family of God. A new me, a new creation only related to the old in that we share the same exterior.

Now, I am born into a new family, I have a new Father, I am not Fatherless.

We are not adopted as in picked as the best of a bad bunch; constantly aware that we do not really belong and that at any moment we may be rejected as the child of another Father. We are blood of his blood, flesh of flesh, bone of his bone. We belong.

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