Posted by: forfreedomalone | 21/06/2013

Struggling to produce

Opposite my greenhouse, where I grow grapes, is a flower bed in which there is a rose. While meditating on the difference between ‘being’ and ‘doing’ this little story came to me. I hope those who have ears to hear can get its point.

There was a rose which was small and fragrant and which lived at the edge of a bed near a greenhouse.
The gardener came regularly to get grapes from the greenhouse and the little rose could see the bunches of grapes awaiting his next visit from where she sat.
“He likes that plant better than me”, she though. “He rarely speaks to me, but he visits that one nearly every day”.

She thought and thought about what she could do to get the gardener to like her as much as the vine in the greenhouse and finally she hit upon an idea. If she could produce grapes he would come to see her as an important plant too.
So she screwed up her little petals and tried and tried to produce grapes, but the only thing which happened was she got tired.
Next day she tried again, but nothing happened.

After several weeks to trying to produce grapes she had to conclude that she didn’t know how and she became very sad, her petals started to drop and her leaves drooped.

The next day the gardener came down the path with a friend and stopped at the little rose.
“Oh, dear,” he said “what has happened to the rose!”
“This is the most beautiful plant in my garden and it is so fragrant I can smell it even when I am in the greenhouse. I wonder what is the matter”.

“Maybe it just needs some TLC”, said his friend.

“I hope that is all that it needs”, replied the gardener “it is my favourite plant in the whole garden and I’d hate to lose it”.

The little rose was shocked to discover that what made her so valuable to the gardener was the very fact that she was a rose. She stopped trying to produce grapes and settled into producing roses, which was so natural to her she didn’t even have to try.

Are you a rose trying to produce grapes?
Give up and rest, your roses will just flower all by themselves.



  1. Thank you.
    I rather liked it, when it came to me, too 🙂

  2. I love this. What a beautiful illustration you have here. I am so encouraged!

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