Posted by: forfreedomalone | 23/06/2013

Hope for Hugh

I was listening to Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 when Hugh Laurie was the guest. He musical choice was varied, as one would expect, but one song struck me in the heart.
I have always like “I wish I that knew what it feels to be free” by Nina Simone, but the fact that he chose it spoke volumes.

“I am always anticipating disaster”, he said. Oh, dear God, how can a man live like that?
Well, that is exactly the question God asked and concluded “He can’t”. We cannot live, thrive, prosper and be all that we can be when we are always anticipating disaster. We need to be free.

You may think I have miss how successful Hugh Laurie is; but you would be wrong. Being British I knew Hugh Laurie as a huge success decades before the USA had ever heard of him; there is no doubt he is successful………in world terms. Yet this is the man who says he anticipates disaster constantly.

This is not success as God defines it. There is nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t zoe….the quality of life God has. Which will you settle for? Fame, fortune and a heart of fear, or the sure and certain knowledge that you are loved beyond measure, treasured and protected, never alone and free from all fear.

The supreme being who is above all power and rule has taken all negativity, fear, pain, punishment, suffering of every sort you can imagine upon himself, so that you can be free. No rules, no expectations, no payback is expected from you; you are just asked to allow him to influence your heart so that you can believe it.

For by grace you are saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. (Eph 2:8)
For by grace (charis, kindness extended to one whom he favours) you are saved (sozo, delivered out of all danger and into safety, made well, healed, delivered from suffering) through faith ( having been persuaded by divine persuasion) not of yourselves, it is the gift of God (by the sacrifice of God. God himself became the sacrifice)

I still love that song, but the truth is I do know what it is like to be free. That freedom, from all condemnation and punishment, from all fear and expectation of disaster, came to me as a free gift from the God who loves me and took upon himself everything I deserved so I could have his quality of life.

Once I am persuaded that he did that for me, I live as he lives, in love and loving. Free.


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