Posted by: forfreedomalone | 24/06/2013

Don’t know how perfect I am!

Perfection is an adjective which is hard to beat. It leaves no room for anything negative. We play with it and say “I’m just so perfect” when what we really mean is “I am feeling flawed and need some reassurance that I’m not that bad”.

God, however, is perfect. There is no flaw, nor feeling of flaw in him. He does not lack anything, he does not need anything, he does not require anything; and that included you. He is perfect.
The name, by which he named himself to Moses, was I AM, or as we write it in English Jehovah, which actually means “I am because I am” or “I exist because I exist”. He is so perfect his very existence is sustained by his existence. That is kind of mind boggling.

So what does such a perfect God want with me? There is only one thing he could do with me and that is find fault, right? After all, I am not perfect and we all know that the more perfect people think they are the more they find fault with others to prove their perfection. However, that is the way of the world, not the way of God. Vulnerable people find fault, fearful people criticise, insecure people put others down; only fulfilled, secure people are able to build others up. God is so fulfilled, so filled full, of everything he can do nothing but build us up. Lack, or the perception of lack, is the root of criticism. God does not lack.

There was a huge lack in the world. It was the lack of zoe. No, not the girl next door. Zoe means “the quality of life of the one who possesses it” Zoe is the quality of life God possesses and it was lacking in the world. We, the human race, could not have access to it because a different quality of life was in us; it was called phobos, or fear. The two are exclusive; they cannot exist together because phobos is a state of lack and God, who has zoe does not lack.
So he dealt with phobos once and for all. Took it away, defeated it, removed it for us. If we will simply say “thank you, I’ll have the zoe instead”, we too can have the zoe of God.

Once we have accepted his zoe we too are perfect; perfect as God.
“Oh, hang on”, I hear you cry, “that’s going a bit far!!! I am not perfect. I swore this morning and I was grumpy with my husband yesterday. I am far from perfect”.
My response to that is “Have you accepted the finished work of Jesus on your behalf?” Yes?

Then you are a self righteous, idol worshipping, blaspheming person at heart.

HOLD ON. Let me explain that.

God says, if you have accepted that Jesus did everything that was required to be done to bring you back into relationship with the Father then you are IN Christ. If you are in Christ you are as he is NOW; not as he was 2,000 years ago, but as he is NOW and guess what? He’s perfect. He is at the right hand of the Father and he is not lacking anything.

God does not look on the deeds, or actions of our life as much as he looks on the thoughts and beliefs of our heart. So if you are saying you are not perfect, you have set yourself above God, you are standing in your own glory (which means view and opinion), you are saying you are being modest, when you are really being prideful and you are blaspheming God (you are, to all intents and purposes, saying he is a liar!).
Now, that is strong stuff.
But either God is right and you, who are in Christ, are perfect; or he’s a liar.

Set your mind on your perfection, on the zoe of God in you and you will start to see it manifest in the life you live; for after all, as a man thinks, in his heart, so is he.


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