Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/06/2013

Garborator God

My garborator was on the blink and I had to go about a fortnight without it. All sorts of yucky stuff, which used to be shoved into the hole and whizzing into oblivion was suddenly there staring me in the face and waiting for me to think that to do with it.
It is amazing when you don’t have a garborator, or it isn’t working, how much gunk there is in the daily business of washing dishes.
Little pieces of food, peelings, sludge from the soaking of stuck on food etc. it all has to go somewhere and it usually goes down the chomping machine.

Once it’s down there it is gone, totally, utterly and for all time gone. We would never think of sticking our hands down there and trying to pull back up the waste we put down.

Just like when we are in Jesus. He took all that yucky stuff to hell and he left it there. It’s gone. So if it’s gone, why do we try to bring it back up?
Why do we focus on the rules and regulations, from which he freed us; all the sinful stuff we did before we knew him, from which he freed us; all the negatives in our daily lives, from which he freed us and try to become un-free and stinky again by pulling it all back?

We do it because we don’t realise just how gone, gone is! If you are in Christ you have no business with the stuff that’s down the garborator, leave it alone. You are free. Look at who he is NOW and realise that is who you are NOW.

If you are not in Christ or have no idea what I am talking about check this out, you may be VERY surprised.


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