Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/06/2013

Growing Free

Last evening I went to pull some carrots for dinner and when they came out of the ground they were the funniest shapes. All twisted and curled around. Really they were useless.

I asked a friend if she knew why they were that funny shape, as I had never seen that before. Mine are always directly sown in the drills and grow just fine. Turns out these were started in pots and potted carrots always do this. She said they don’t like being hemmed in by the pot, even though they are only in it for a short time, it seems to affect their growth.

It struck me that we are the same. When we were hemmed in by legalism we cannot grow in relationship with one another or with God. We are constantly twisting and turning, trying to find the right way to put forth the next bit of effort, but never quite getting it right. 

We, like my carrots, end up in a knot.

Carrots like to be free, to grow is good soil. We like to be free to grow too. Jesus lived, died and rose again so that would be possible. He took on him all the punishment of sin, all the rejection, sickness and twistedness of life so that we could just grow as we were meant to; straight upward to our loving Father.

Are you growing free?


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