Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/06/2013

What goes in, must come out.

In the journey to freedom for your soul there is a factor which must be remembered if you want to make progress. What goes in, must come out.
What you put into a container is what you will retrieve from that container, unless some sort of transformation process occurs in the mean time. If you put water into a pot you will get water out of the pot, unless you add tea leaves. You still get water back out, but now the water is tainted with the tea. If you put water in the same pot and add soil you will get mud coming out. Same water but different contaminant. In chemistry a contaminant is another substance found in a first. So our tea and our soil would both be contaminants, yet one is good for you and one is bad.

Your soul is the realm of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, or to the Hebrew mind your heart. It is the pot.
The water is your life, what you do, how you do it, what you say, what you think, how you feel; all the issues of life.
The tea and the soil are the things you add to your life.
What are you adding to YOUR life? Are you reading, listening to or watching things which produce mud in your pot and then wondering why you are not finding the water easy to pour and nourishing? Are you meditating on, thinking about or speaking of things which are polluting your soul?

Take one hour today and be aware of everything which comes out of your mouth or enters your thoughts or emotions? Just one hour of your day to be aware. Did you say something unkind about someone else or about yourself? Did you feel fearful? Did you think thoughts you would rather not have? If you are human then you did one of the above! Does this make you a bad person? Certainly not!! It makes you aware that what is coming out is the produce of what was put in.

Now become aware of what is going in. What are you reading, to whom are you listing, what are you watching on TV? Are there negatives being repeated over and over again?

Fix your eyes, mind, heart, emotions, soul on the only one who has this sorted. Fix your life on Jesus who is perfect in every way and then accept his life in exchange for yours. Once you have the life perfect in you, what comes out of you will be perfect also.


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