Posted by: forfreedomalone | 03/07/2013

Brian’s Engine

Brian had an engine. He loved that engine, even though it only had three wheels. It had once belonged to someone else, so when Brian got it, it was already missing a wheel. For some reason, which in later years he wondered why he never questioned, he just accepted that was the way it was.

When it tried to turn a corner on the track it struggled and if Brian laid the track at all up hill the engine just could not get enough purchase to make it up any incline at all.

As it was the only engine Brain has ever owned, or seen for that matter, he didn’t think much about it; he just accepted its limitations and got on with playing.

One day, when Brian was older and at University, he planned to visit a friend in an other city and decided to go by train. As he approached the platform he caught sight of the engine which would pull the train. He was awe struck, he had never seen anything like it in his life.
Her side was pale blue and her nose jet black, there were gold lines painted around the cab and highlighting the wheel arch. She was polished to within an inch of her life and he could see his face in her side.
He couldn’t move or think of anything to say, he was totally rooted to the spot, mesmerised and overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the first real engine he had ever seen.

He walked along one platform to the coal wagon, then back to the stack and down the other side. He walked back and forth a few times trying to take in what he was seeing when suddenly it struck him. This engine had four wheels.

THIS is what engines were supposed to look like. Now he understood why his fell over, fell off the track and couldn’t climb hills. He had never really thought about it before, but now he could see clearly that his engine, loved though it was, was not all an engine could be.

This should be the revelation we have when we look at THE Father and see that our fathers were not all they could be, not matter how good they were.
This should be the revelation we have when we look at Jehovah Jirah and see that our mothers were not all they could be, no matter how good they were.

This is the revelation which will lead to freedom from the past when we have had abusive parents and we see who our Heavenly Father is. He has all his wheels, never falls over and can go up hills. He is perfect in every way and he loves us with a perfect, gentle, compassionate and embarrassing love.
There is nothing to fear from him.


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