Posted by: forfreedomalone | 04/07/2013

Perfect Light

To a dalang light is very important. A dalang is a puppet master in the Javanese Wayang (or shadow) theatre. There is great skill in moving the wayang kulit (shadow puppets) as they dance and move about the screen telling epics of Indonesian history and culture. But the skill of the dalang is lost if the light is wrong. A certain quality, strength and type of light is important. If it is too dark, no one can see the wayang kulit, if it is too bright the same things happens, as they are overwhelmed by the light. When the correct light is achieved the puppets come to life. The light does not change Bimo or Nakula in the character of who they are as they tell their story, it allows them to BE who they are so that their story can be told. Who would know or understand what is being enacted if it cannot be seen clearly? So it is when we surrender to the life of the Holy Spirit within us. His perfect light shines in us and allows us to be who we are, but with such easy and grace people really see who we are. The delicate wayang kulit are so very beautiful when you see them in front of the screen, but when they are behind it, dancing with the energy of the dalang and the perfect hue of the light they are entrancing. Allow the Holy Spirit to shine his light in you, so that who you truly are entrances the world.” src=”” width=”424″ height=”461″ />


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