Posted by: forfreedomalone | 23/07/2013

News or Sensationalism?

Proverbs 19:27 tells us to “cease to hear instruction which causes you to err from the words of knowledge”.

The word “instruction” actually means “correction”, as in correcting a child.
So Solomon was saying to not allow yourself to be corrected away from knowledge (relationship) of God.
“Instruction” could also mean teaching, so he was equally saying do not listen to teaching which draws you away from the truth about relationship with God.

I would like to add another layer to that.
Do not listen to news (doctrine) which causes you to err.

As I listen to people talking about the news stories I can see fear creeping into their lives. They worry about terrorism, global warming, the economy, the political situation. They listen to news networks and believe what they hear, it is the information on which they build a set of beliefs, it is doctrine to them.

Many networks present their news more like a Hollywood production than information about what is happening in the world. It is full of sensationalism, designed to fire up emotions. There is emphasis on words which skew the meaning, incredulity and superiority in the tone of the voice of the presenter which charges the emotions of the listener. This is not news, it is doctrine. It is presenting information with a set of beliefs already attached.

This kind of news casting is dangerous to some. They lose their peace, they worry, they believe that what they are being told is factual and “gospel”.

Gospel means “good news”, if it is not good news it is not gospel. If what you hear starts to rob you of your peace and trust in God, if you are starting to fear the future, STOP listening. You cannot change what is happening in the world by knowing about what is happening. You can change what is happening in the world by taking the Gospel, the Good News of the finished work of Jesus, to the world. You cannot do that when you are of the world. You must remain apart from the world, holy (set apart for God) and at peace.

Guard your heart will all diligence and cease to hear instruction which causes you to err.


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