Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/07/2013

Believer? Maybe not!

Have you ever considered that if you believe in a deity who is angry; vengeful; demanding; asking anything of you to obtain or retain your salvation; who loves some and hates others; needs persuading to heal you, love you, provide for your needs or do anything for you; that what you believe in is ‘a higher power’, a ‘deity’, a ‘god’ and not God at all?

If you believe in Mickey Mouse, you must believe in the mouse Disney created. He did change a little over his life time, but in essence he remained Mickey. You cannot claim to believe in Mickey Mouse and then draw a picture of a giraffe and exclaim “See! Mickey!”.
It’s not Mickey, it’s a giraffe.

Mickey Mouse has a certain look, certain clothes, a particular voice.  If you alter him at all he is no longer Mickey Mouse. 

God is the same. He IS love; he has sent his son to perform a work which was finished; we all have access to him now in faith; he will never pour out wrath or anger on us; he has done all he will ever do to provide us with all we will ever need, we need only believe.

If this is not the deity in whom you believe, then you cannot say you believe in God, because you do not. You have re-drawn him, you have added bits and removed bits and you no longer have the image of God. You have recreated him in your image, which is totally the reverse of what he did. 

You may have believed at some point, you may have accepted the salvation of God freely given, but over the years you have altered the image until you no longer have a true likeness. Go back to the drawing board and look at Jesus, he is the perfect image of God.
If your god does not look like him, you may want to go back to basics.


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