Posted by: forfreedomalone | 01/08/2013

Nothing is free

I am, all of a sudden, receiving emails, posts on facebook and ‘likes’ for my blog from people who are telling me there is a better way of living, a way in which I can have great wealth and I don’t have to do anything for it, that I can sit on a beach somewhere in the world and make money without actually working.

My goodness, but that sounds grand!

Trouble is, nothing is free. Nothing whatsoever! 
Even the word “freedom’ is a misnomer. It is not free. 
Free, does not mean “able to have no responsibilities,” or, “to be lazy”, or “available at no cost”. It means “Absence of subjection to foreign domination”.

For me to be under the Law would be to be under the “subjection to foreign domination”; Christ has set me free from the rule of Law.
For me to have to sacrifice animals to God would put me under “subjection to foreign domination”, as Christ did away with sacrifices once and for all.
For me to be lazy and stingy would be to be under “subjection to foreign domination”, for these are foreign to the nature of Christ within me.
But this absence of subjection was not something which came without price, it came at a very heavy price indeed. 

It cost God’s unique (for that is what ‘beloved’ means) son untold suffering and ultimately his life. It cost God the suffering involved in knowing he had sent his son to endure what he did.
Certainly, both knew the end from the beginning, but nonetheless, the suffering had to be endured.

Those who have freedom of speech in countries where once they did not, know that they did not wake up one Monday morning and find everything was different. People gave their lives and their liberty for such a freedom. Ask Gandhi and Nelson Mandala, to name but two, what freedom costs.

To live as though we had a right to sit on our backsides and never life a finger to do anything but what pleases us is a GROSS insult to all those who have suffered and died for our freedom, be they the members of our armed forces, the pioneers of civil rights or Jesus Christ himself.
Really being free, is being able to fulfil the lives we were created to live, to the full and completely in union with our fellow man. 

The ‘right’ that I have to vote was won by women (and some men) who suffered and died so I could exercise that right at the ballot box. My freedom is made manifest when I cast my vote.
The ‘right’ I have to decide with that vote who will rule in my country was reinforced by thousands upon thousands of men who fought and died in two World Wars. Their sacrifice is made manifest when we as a nation choose our government.
The ‘right’ I have to boldly approach the throne of God was given to me, as a precious gift, by Jesus Christ, who shed his blood and endured separation from God, which was more painful than we can begin to imagine, as he had never, in the whole stretch of existence, been separated from God and is made manifest when I live by Grace.

If we are claiming to live by Grace, to be free and to understand what freedom really means, then we will work tirelessly. We will earn our living by the sweat of our brows, we will toil in the fields of the world to take the Gospel to those who have never heard, we will give of ourselves and our resources to aid those less fortunate……….not because we will be condemned if we do not, but because freedom in our souls will not permit us to do otherwise.

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