Posted by: forfreedomalone | 09/08/2013

Works Righteousness redefined.

There is a teaching; which I am by NO means saying is wrong; which says that works righteousness is about working for the approval of God.

If we do enough, give enough, behave in certain ways and not in others God will approve of us and we will receive blessings. That is indeed what some people believe. They slog their guts out trying to please God and are forever unhappy as it never works.

However, I’d like to ask you to consider a different way of looking at works righteousness, because, I believe this is what works righteousness is really about. 
I believe that what Adam was after when he introduced the system of works righteousness was not God’s approval, but the quality of life God had.

Adam was created in, and from the first moment of his existence knew, God’s approval. God said when he made Adam that is was ‘very good’. There was nothing wrong with Adam, there was nothing Adam had to do to win God’s approval, he was exactly as God created him to be and if God said it was VERY good, you can bet you life it was!

Adam was not tempted to gain God’s approval, he was tempted to be like God. He was persuaded that God had withheld something from him.
I believe that one of the craftiest things Satan does is to tempt us with truth. 
When we see Jesus being tempted in the wilderness the things Satan said were true.
Jesus was the Son of God, he could turn stone to bread, if he had fallen off the high place God would have send angels to save him, Satan did have rule over the kingdoms of the world. He was using truth to tempt Jesus into breaking faith with his father.

In the garden he used truth and twisted it to tempt Adam to break faith with God also.
In Genesis 3:20 God says “Behold, the man has become as one of us, to know good and evil” God knew good and evil and, prior to eating the fruit, man did not. Now he did. 

I believe that God did withhold something from Adam, it was the knowledge of good and evil. We were never designed to handle that knowledge and live the quality of life God has. Knowing good and evil had lead mankind into all sorts of horrors and not once into the quality of life God has.
Knowing good and evil sets us up to decide, way up one thing against another, lean on our understanding, judge, hand out blessing and cursing.

God made a choice to live only out of his love nature. He knew evil, but he did not practice it and once he decided there was, and never will be, any shadow of turning. He is SO decided he IS love. We, it may shock you to discover, are not God. We are like him, but we are not him. We do not have the capacity to make that decision and live it, because we lack one vital principle; we lack the spirit of God which is holy; we, as humans, lack the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to show us that the quality of life God has can be ours, without any effort on our part, beyond believing in him. When we believe and accept the missing principle, the holy principle, the Holy Spirit, we can have God’s quality of life.
His Spirit operates in our heart by influencing us to live as he lives. The word used in the Bible for this ‘influence’ is Grace.

We have always been approved of by God, he loves everyone of us and always has. What we lack is NOT his approval, it is his quality of life. We simply cannot earn it, we cannot work of it, we cannot dress up and pretend and somehow it will become so. This life is not a fairy tale, magic does not happen. NOTHING can get us to the place where we have attained the quality of life God has. 

The evidence that we have the quality of life which God has and which is the result of living by the vital principle by which he lives, is that, that life is full of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, righteousness and truth. (Gal 5:22 & Eph 5:9)
That life is FULL of these things; that means this is all that there is room for in that life. Can you live a life FULL of these things and only these things?

Of course you cannot. It is not possible for us to do.
It is possible for God though and he is willing to give it to us………..just GIVE it to us. Free, gratis, no charge. Of course, nothing is free, everything has a price but, not only is God willing to share his wonderful life with us, he is willing to pay the price required to get it to us, because he and only he could meet the requirements.

You know, at the Cross there were two prices paid in one. The price required to get this life to us and the price required to get us out of the life we were already living. It was one price, but, like a coin it has two sides.

Satan will still tempt us to believe that we can achieve God’s quality of life for ourselves, but the real truth is, we cannot. We can only have it as a free gift.

You have always been approved of by God, you have always been loved by God, but you do not have his quality of life, nor are you as you should be until you accept his free gift and activate his vital principle for living. Then all he wants for you; which is ALL he has; is yours and your life is just exactly like his.


  1. I like your post very much, especially the part about “Of course you cannot.”. On that note especially, you are absolutely right. We cannot live the life God desires for us “on our own”. We can only live the life He desires for us as we allow Him to live His life out “through us”! As God lives His life out through us, all things are possible. Have a great week!

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