Posted by: forfreedomalone | 18/08/2013

Death of Ego

Gal 2:20 says “…..yet, not I, but Christ liveth in me”.

I have heard this explained in many different ways, but the bottom line in most explanations is a complete loss of ‘self’. The “I” is seen as ‘self’ and ‘self’ is seen as bad. Somehow, there is the idea that Christ and I meld into one being, but that being is him and , in a sense, cease to exist.

I have always had a problem with that, because that is not what the “I” here means or would have meant to the Galatians. 

That is not the thought process of the people to who Paul wrote. The word he uses for “I” who no longer lives, is “ego” and it is the only time it is used in the verse. Every other “I” is translated from a different Greek word.

The concept of ego was of separation from others and God. This separation was mainly brought about by a greater awareness of the body and its sensations than of the spirit. Living from ego is living by the five senses, or as John put it in 1 John 2:16 “the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life”. Ego is what lead Adam to bring sin into the world, ego is pride in one’s own abilities, ego is the root of living by the Law, ego is the opposite of “Christ in me”. 

If I live from ego I live as a being separate from you, I am not part of anything greater, but am the fullness of life unto myself. As we are all made in the image of God, ego separates us from one another as well as from God.

Paul was talking to people who had accepted that they were one with Christ (ego….separateness….had died)but were now falling under teaching which said that was not enough, they needed works too. Work introduces separateness again, as your work and mine cannot be exactly the same. As soon as we start trying to do enough we are separated from one another and from God. Paul was bringing them back to understanding that there was now no separation, they were one with Christ and that, that work was finished. Grace…..the divine influence upon the heart…….was how they lived, however, that is not possible when one’s focus is on ego, as ego drowns out the “still small voice” of oneness and demands attention to itself. Ego wants to control and fly the plane, it will not listen to the voice of the ATC in the tower. 

Ego is linked to shame……because shame says “I am not good enough, but I can be by ABC”. Ego and shame are an evil partnership. We see this in Genesis when Adam, having eaten the fruit because he was persuaded it was by his work that he would have the quality of life God had, was at once ashamed. Either one can come first, but they love to work together.

We still exist, we are very much individual and alive, but we are also one with Christ. 
Our needs, desires, hopes, dreams are all God given and must be allowed to thrive, it is not they which must die, but ego……the driving force which says “I can do this myself”. 
When ego dies, we submit to the power of God and we allow him to work through us…….just as Jesus did. when we do, we will lack no good thing.


  1. Ok, I am reading these out of order. It appears you do “get it”. Amen!
    Here is a link to a friend of mine that recently published a book on what I call the “abiding life”;
    I don’t know if he has updated his site with a link to his book, but you can find it here at the bottom of the page after my own books;
    Have a great week!
    P.S. If you look at my page you will find I am a biker chaplain.


    • May I ask, what made you think that I didn’t “get it”, but reading this post made you change your mind? 🙂

      As it has grown this blog has taken on the direction of my ministry and so it has changed a bit since the beginning. I won’t delete any of it, as I feel far too many “ministers” are so false and try to hid the side they do not want others to see. I am growing in God daily and I will never be perfect,(in the natural) but as far as getting it……I’ve got it! 😉

      p.s. Do you know Rev Jimmie Bratcher by any chance?

      • Ok, well it is too long a story, but basically it was because I didn’t completely read your blog entry before commenting. It appeared to me that you were traveling your way toward the abiding life, but hadn’t gotten there quite yet, until I read your latest entry, and then it was obvious. Sorry for any confusion. It always warms my heart to find others that realize that God is the one doing all the “work”, we are along as his tools (the branches in the vine). I can do ALL things through HIM, and I can do NOTHING without HIM.

      • AMEN.

        In him we are complete….COMPLETE…..we need not one thing more, not even what we call life. We get to have his. It’s all rest from here on.

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