Posted by: forfreedomalone | 01/09/2013

Is God a rapist?

Today is a day when information whizzes about the world like never before. I think something and you know what it is before I have had time to know that is really what I think at all.
This means that doctrines and theologies are able to be convinced and built into fully fledged ideologies in the blink of an eye. On the other hand “there is nothing new under the sun”, so most of these ‘new’ ideas as as old as the hills.

Unitarian or inclusionist thinking falls into that category. It as been around for a long time and it has had more changes of colour than a chameleon. Even today it is hard to understand what exactly is believed (or not, if you encounter the strain who do not believe in believing), as there are different fits according to the figure; but one thread which does flow in much of the theology is that God loves us all, has saved us all, and we will all go to heaven. There is nothing we needed to do, do get this wonderful deal, not even believe.

This is, of course, un-scriptural. When the young man asked “What must I do to be saved?” he was told “BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 16:31). I believe in believing for a simple reason. If we do not believe and we are still saved and on our way to heaven, then God has violated our free will. Free will he gave us in the first place.  
He is the one who likens his relationship with us to the relationship between a husband and a wife; it is intimate, loving and full of trust. But how can any of that exist in a relationship where what one party wants is forced upon the other party, even if it is a good thing which is being forced?

I was the victim of sexual abuse as a child and of rape as a young adult. When I read comments about God loving me, saving me and forgiving me of all things no matter what I think, believe or do, I feel the same sense of helpless rage I felt then. 
What if I did not ask for that and I don’t want it, I cannot escape it and I have no power to overcome it and get away. I am trapped in this abusive relationship and a victim of, in this case, so called ‘love’.

That is NOT love. That is abuse.

I know that God loves me and will always be gracious towards me. I know he has paid all my ‘spiritual’ bills. BUT, he then steps back and waits for me to approach him. He does not force himself on me. 
A lover will take me to tea and pick up the cheque. He will walk me home and make sure I am safe. He will be filled with feelings of love and adoration towards to me, he will provide for me in kind ways and will woo me, he will long for the next time we can get together; however, I can choose to reject him. A rapist will force himself on me. He will not woo, he will not care about how I feel or what I want. Where is the joy, peace and love in being trapped with a rapist? Why would I rejoice in that?

I rejoice that I can come to someone who is gentle and respectful, that I can pull back and he will stand and await MY next move; that I decide the speed at which we become intimate and, when I am fully comfortable with him and his intentions, I decide to abandon myself to him. Then all that he is and has become mine, he will pour himself into our relationship, I will be overwhelmed by him and his provision in every sphere. There will be no powerlessness, no feeling of rage and no desire to get away, but a greater and greater desire to submit to his tenderness and love.

When this kind of relationship is created with God, grace flows. It is not making you do, it is persuading you to. You are fully committed to one who would never harm you or override your will, but will subjugate his will to yours. God wants us all to be saved, to live forever in heaven with him, but he know that not all of us want that. If you don’t want it he won’t make you have it. But if you do want that then the first step is BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ. 

My friend and esteemed colleague in this work, Dr James B Richards has a video for those who are asking “How do I do that?”. Please take the few minutes required to watch this. It could change your life.

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