Posted by: forfreedomalone | 12/09/2013

Back in the 1990s there was a public loo in North Berwick which was famous for miles. Public loos are often infamous, but this was famous. The lady who cleaned it obviously took a pride in her work, everything was spotless and she brought flowers to adorn the counters. She had pictures hanging on the walls and curtains at the windows. The gents’ was as well adorned as the ladies’ and people were quite happy to pay a small sum to use the facilities.

It is not at all difficult to see how this lady’s effort and caring prompted a response in the loo going populous. She made the facilities delightful, they were happy to pay to use them. The money she gathered then paid to keep the facilities as delightful for the next group. It became a self perpetuating affair.

How often do we say “If he’d just be nice to me, I’d be nice to him”. We know that if we receive what we would like to receive from another we can easily give it in return. We know that when a boss gives us a compliment on a job well done, we will work harder and more cheerfully for him in future. The principle of reciprocity is understood by most people.

Yet, we seem to stumble when it comes to love. We believe we can love others without receiving God’s love first. We even believe we understand what love is, without first being taught about it by God.
We cannot respond to something we have never experienced, we cannot give what we do not have, we cannot understand that which we have been unwilling to learn.

Love is not a feeling, it is actions. Love begins with God. Love is the most important life style there is.

God is love and love is patient, kind, long-tempered. It is not jealous, boastful, proud, self seeking, demanding. It keeps no record of wrong, it does not delight in evil of any kind.
Love never fails.

Do we know this kind of love? Most of us would have to answer ‘no’. We have never been in the presence of anyone who would not be jealous of what we have or do, not boast about what they do or are; who was not puffed up or proud; who did not remind us of something we did or said which was wrong; who was short tempered, unkind or impatient. Most of us would say we do not qualify to be described as loving, if these are the criteria.

But these adjectives describe God. The God who is constantly being described, by man, as angry, vengeful, wrathful, responsible for death, disease and destruction.
How can this be?

Simple. We don’t know him. We wax lyrical on a subject about which we know nothing. If we really knew him we would know that the description in 1 Corinthians was the accurate one; the one which really tells us about the God who loves us. This is, also, the love he wants to give us, so that we can give to others. This is the love which lead Jesus to the Cross to take our place, this is the love which, when you experience it, will change your life and leave you a totally different person. Free from all bondage.

If you are told that such and such a thing is of God and it does not match up with the love test, if it does not fit into the mould created by the verses in 1 Corinthians 13, then it is not love and it is not of God. If you are longing to be loved, go to God. He is the only one who can do it and do it right.
God is love and love never fails.

If you are having trouble in your earthly relationships, go to God, receive his love for you and it will overflow into the relationship around you. Even if the people around you are 100% to blame, you will change the world in which you live by the love of God for you as it infects them.

Nothing will change you life like the love of God. You can go to counsellors and get advice, you can go to teachers and get ideas, but if you do not go to God you will never get the one things which will change everything you long to change. Love is the answer and love, real love, God’s love, never fails.


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