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What are your lying names?

Having argued, hedged, and excused himself, Moses finally realised that like it or not he was going to Pharaoh, so he said to God, “Who shall I say sent me?”. The answer to that question is one of the most amazing statements of BEING ever proclaimed.

The Egyptians has a plethora of gods and they all had names.
Horus ‘The One Far Above’. Isis ‘Protective Mother’. Osiris ‘god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld’.
Ra ‘Sun god’. Seth ‘god of chaos’. Sobek ‘Nile god’. Hathor ‘protective goddess. She was also the goddess of love and joy’, and there were many more.
Moses knew that this god has to have a name to be introduced to the Egyptians. What was his name? Over what did HE rule?

God’s reply was “I AM that I AM”. (Ex.3:14)
It sounds like a rather silly thing to say if you don’t understand what he was saying. Naturally, he was, Moses could hear him, it was obvious he was, but what does the rest of it mean?

What this name means, when you break it down into its Hebrew components is “I exist because I exist”. That is somewhat mind boggling! God was saying, “I do not define myself by what I do, I am not the god of this action or that; I am not the god of this place or that. I define myself by who I AM. I define myself by existence not action.” It is because he exists that all other things exist (John 1:1-2) and his existence depends upon his existence; therefore, the

God’s existence is dependant upon only one thing, his existence. His being is the source of who he is. “I am” is not a statement of doing, nor of place, but of being.
When Moses asked God who he was, he did not define himself as a ‘doing’ nor as a ‘positional god’, but as a ‘being’.

If we are in him, we should be defining ourselves in the same way. But we do not. We define ourselves with lies. We are NOT what we do, NOR where we are, but who we are as children of our heavenly father. If we are defining ourselves in a way, other than how he defines himself, using words which are lies, we are not speaking truth as he spoke it.

If I were to ask you to describe yourself to me, most of you reading this would say things like….
“I am a policeman”, “I am 6′ tall”, “I am a woman”, “I am short”, “I am a father” etc.
When we talk to ourselves we say thinks like “I am stupid”, “I am fat”, “I am clever”, “I am lonely”, “I am tired” etc.

God said we are sons of God, we are made in his image, therefore, we exist because he exists. We have all things which pertain to life and Godliness. He said he has inscribed our names on the palm of his hand. Does he have “fat”, “stupid”, “clever”, “woman”, “policeman” inscribed? No, he does not.
He has your name, precious, child, perfect, loved, being. When Jesus returns we will get a new name, but for now, we need to stop giving ourselves lies for names.

We need to go back to the concept that we are as our father is, a BEING, not a doing and to acknowledge that we exist because he does. We are like him, not like this world. We are not defined by our size, shape, ability or lack of it; we are defined by one who made us in his image.

Speak truth over yourself and others. God created the world by words, we were given that same power and we are using it to create negative and unhealthy things. Speak truth and watch it grow.



  1. Oops, I forgot to post the link, it is;

  2. I like what you are saying, but it seems to me “you” don’t quite go far enough, or possibly that you are espousing “I” go too far. If I say I am a child of God, or I am a tool of the Most High, or something along that line, then I may turn off people I talk to as being too churchy. Or, are you saying that I should think of myself in this way, and you are not suggesting that I verbalize my view of myself to others using this language.

    When i said you don’t go far enough, I mean you haven’t included any specific examples, so it is not clear to me exactly when and how I should do this. In prayer? Out loud? To my friends? To my enemies?

    Just some thoughts that come to my mind.

    • I do not know what you are asking me.

      I am saying that we identify yourselves by names which are not names God would give us. We limit ourselves and set in pattern thinking based on those names. If I say “I am not clever enough to discuss what the Bible says”, then I am defining myself by what I see as my lack of intelligence. But God says I have everything which pertains to life and Godliness. He say I have the Holy Spirit who will bring to my mind all things.

      Satan would have us limit ourselves by how we think about ourselves; because as a man thinks in his heart so is he.
      We may name ourselves with unGodly names in our conversations with ourselves or with others, but however or whenever we do it we should be aware that we are undermining who God says we are when we do this.

      • Ok, I get you, and I agree. That is the primary reason I don’t want to think of myself, or have other Christians think of themselves as “sinners”. Yes, we do still sin occasionally, but that is not who we are anymore, and as you say it is detrimental to think of ourselves that way.

      • Exactly.
        If you are ‘in’ him, you are no longer a sinner. You are a saint.
        We sin, but that does not make us sinners. We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners. The issue is not about works but about faith. The sin (verb) flows from the sin (noun). I am in the process of writing a book on this, as the concept is quite complex, but the major point is that when we start thinking of ourselves as sinners we go back to a previous state and focus on actions. We are doomed when we do that.

        We need to say about ourselves what God says about us, that is key to living the life he lives.

      • I will be interested in your book when you finish it. A friend of mine has recently published a book called “Getting a G.R.I.P. on Life”, where GRIP stands for God Reflected In People. It is a workbook on the Abiding/Exchanged life. On my blog I have a page for my own books, and I have links for his up there as well. When you finish your book, I would like to add it to my growing collection of “True Life” resources. Have a great evening, it is past my bedtime here in Texas.

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