Posted by: forfreedomalone | 25/12/2013

You are the reason from the season.

Today is Christmas Day.
It is a day like any other. Nothing special happened today which would unite huge groups of people in a celebration. Jesus was not born on this day in any year past. That is something on which everyone is agreed. So why do we make such a fuss about it?

Simply because this is the day on which we CHOOSE to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The day on which we CHOOSE to remember the day on which God CHOSE to send his son to repair the rift between God and man. God has choices and he could have chosen to wipe man off the face of the earth or turn his back on us completely. Whenever we read God saying “I will” we are reading about his CHOICE. If he will do this, it is because he will not do that.

He CHOOSE to send his son to live a perfect life, suffer unjust persecution, beating and crucifixion. He CHOOSE to suffer the separation from his son whom he loved by seeing that son BECOME the thing he hated with all of his passion, namely, sin.
But he did it because he loves you as much as he loves that son and because he wants you to be united with him, in the quality of life he lives, for all eternity, starting now, just as that son, Jesus, is.

He CHOSE to come to earth, for you. We CHOOSE remember and celebrate today. Today is a good day to CHOOSE him.

Happy Christmas.


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