Posted by: forfreedomalone | 07/01/2014

Go on.

I was talking to someone today who was really stuck. She couldn’t begin to grasp how much love it takes to die for another person, especially a horrid, painful, humiliating death. So “taking her to the Cross” was more or less a waste of time.

She understood and accepted that Jesus had died on her behalf and to give her new and everlasting life. She ‘got’ the reason for the Cross and what it achieved for her, but she could not connect with the love that caused Jesus to go to that Cross for her.
I was struggling to help her but had no idea how.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me something which I thought was quite wonderful.
He said “Don’t look at the love ON the Cross, look at the love THROUGH the Cross”
At which moment I saw the Cross as a door, it swung open and there was the love of God behind it.

The love which was behind the Cross was through the Cross.

We might say, “I wonder what was behind her taking me for lunch”. We don’t mean, under the plate or around a corner in the restaurant. We mean, “I wonder what was the motive”.
What was behind the Cross?
What was the motive?
In a word, love.

We might say “You could see right though that complement!”. But we don’t mean that the actual words were transparent, we mean that we believe there was a hidden meaning or ulterior motive involved.
What to we see through the Cross?
What was the the hidden meaning?
In a word, love.

So if love was what was behind the Cross and what is seen through the Cross, how does one see it if one cannot see love ON the Cross?

This is where God reveals his desire for relationship with each and every one of us. He wants to show us how intimately he relates to us and knows us.
The lady in question was a sewer and so he showed her a vision of them sitting together sewing. They would compare work and comment on the stitches the other had sewen. They were chatting about patterns and designs; types of hoops to hold the work and all sorts of other things I didn’t understand as I am not a needle woman. But this lady did and she felt the love God has for her as they sat together, as friends do, being close.

The parables Jesus told were all worked so that the people listening could relate to the subjects. One of the reasons the Pharisees did not understand the things Jesus was saying was because they did not relate to the subjects being talked about, because, in turn, they did not relate to the people.
Jesus painted pictures of bakers, farmers, fishermen, poor widows and a hated ethnic underclass. The people could relate to his stories and, thereby, relate to the story teller. They could leave saying “This man understands us, he know what matters to us, he is someone we could believe cares about us”.
But this did not come from seeing Jesus hanging on the Cross, it came from seeing behind the Cross, from seeing through it to the heart of the Father who loved them.

I am, in no way, saying that the Cross is not important, I am saying that the Cross is the manifestation of the love God has for every human being, but if you are not finding life there look through and see how he connects with you, just you, because of the Cross.
The Cross made it possible for us who believe to boldly approach the Throne of Grace. We do not walk up to the Cross and stop, we go on, to the Throne of Grace, to the place of relationship.
The whole purpose of the Cross was to enable us to go on. We were never meant to stop at the top of the hill and stand, staring at death, we were meant to go on into life.
Go on and connect with the life of God; he is waiting to connect with you in a way that is truly personal.


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