Posted by: forfreedomalone | 20/05/2014

Paradox and Enigma

A woman finally realised, when she caught a glimpse of herself in the bedroom mirror, that she needed to lose weight. People had mentioned it and she has occasionally thought there may be a pound or two hanging around her hips which was excess to requirement, but on this occasion there was no doubt and she was shocked.

She had to go on a diet.

She consulted the books on the subject and learned that there were basically only two rules on the subject:- less food, more movement.
Well, that is easy she thought and on Monday I will begin.

Monday came and went but she was too busy. Tuesday, she cut out the spoonful of sugar in her morning coffee, but it tasted awful. At lunchtime she had a salad and for dinner a small piece of baked fish and more salad. At bedtime she was hungry, but feeling very proud of herself.
On Wednesday morning she was ravenous, so she had pancakes and syrup, but promised to cut out lunch. All day she felt guilty.
On Thursday she went for a short walk, after all she was supposed to add in more movement.
Friday brought renewed determination and she cut out the biscuit with her afternoon tea, but not the sugar as tea is impossible to drink without a little sugar and after all it was only a little.

The weekend was ruined by her family who wanted to eat the foods they were used to eating and she could not make different food for herself. So, on Monday she would start again.She blamed everyone else and felt guiltier still.

After three months, she gave up and accepted that her friend, who needed to lose far more weight that she, was right; we are not defined by how we look, we need to accept our body shape and be happy in our own skin.
After 6 months she needed to buy a larger size of clothes.

The harder she tried to lose the weight the more she put on; the more she put on the more she needed to justify her lifestyle and the more she justified it, the worse she felt.

One day she met her neighbour who looked like she had lost weight. “Oh yes”, she said “I have lost 10 lbs. Thank you for noticing”
Wasn’t it a miserable hell to get all that weight off, asked the woman, “No, not at all”, said the neighbour. “I just ate less and moved more”.

I have tried that said the woman, I watch everything I eat and I remind myself that I have to walk every day, but it is so hard to do it. I always fail and I end up putting it on, not taking it off.
“Ah”, said the neighbour, “That is where you are going wrong. The power to help you lose weight has become the power of the weight to stay put”.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows what I am talking about. The more you focus on the weight to be lost the more you gain. It is only when you let it happen naturally that it happens all by itself. 

When we are under law, law has the power to propel us towards the thing we are trying to avoid. When we are no longer driven by law we are able to avoid the thing we want to avoid; thereby, keeping the law; quite naturally.
The law is not bad. Eat less, move more, is very good advise and should be headed; but when it becomes law it has a death grip.

The difference between it killing and bring life is how you view it; it is the attitude of your heart.
Do not believe that God’s law is bad or done away with; it is neither. But when we are in Christ we are freed from legalism and able to at last, naturally, keep the law. 
This is a paradox without which it is impossible to understand the enigma of the law.


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