Posted by: forfreedomalone | 20/05/2014

THE LORD, your God.

I was reading something the other day (I can’t remember exactly what it was) but it lacked any punctuation. The writer was quoting (I think) Joshua 9:24 and wrote ” “Your servants were clearly told how the LORD your God had commanded his servant Moses …..”.
The Holy Spirit rewrote it thus “Your servants were clearly told how THE LORD, your God, had commanded his servant Moses….”
I know you have all had those moments when it is as though the entire body of knowledge on a subject floods into you, but it may take days for you to be able to collect any of it to pass on to anyone else. This was one of those moments.
I am not sure I have reached the point of being able to communicate it all to you, but I’ll try to get some of it across.
Who is God? He is THE LORD.
Who is THE LORD? He is God.
The Lord is a term used in many places in the Bible and we know it is referring to God, but I saw in the moment that “The Lord” is not just another name for God it is who he is. It is not an aspect of his being, it is the entirety of his being.
Lord means ‘Boss’. I have referred to God as The Boss for years, but in that moment I saw him as the Boss, the one who knows, who understands, who has the answers, who leads and covers, protects, makes a way, you name it he does it………………..but ONLY if he is the Boss.
He is no bully, but he cannot do his job; so to speak; and be all that he can be, if he cannot be the Boss, if he cannot be The Lord.
We are constantly hearing that we are called to be the best ‘us’, to be all that we can be in him; but if we are created in his image then the same applies to him, in us. He cannot be all he can be, in us, if he is not Lord.
In fact, he cannot be God, if we will not let him be Lord.
Adam rejected the Lord, he chose to be lord of his own life, his own boss, his own god. We get to choose again, for ourselves, and many have chosen Jesus as their Saviour, but do they choose him as Lord?
If he is denied Lordship in their lives then he cannot lead them where they are supposed to be going, they simply will not follow him.
The result of rejecting; or never understanding that we need to accept; the Lordship of God is that we end up in iniquity. We end up lawless and in a place of such error and pain we cannot be reached.
That was a long ramble to say, what you all will have seen for donkey’s, that the real issue with Unis/Inc et al, is they are not submitted to the Lordship of God in Christ in their lives. But it goes farther, that is the whole problem in the impotent church. Where we see error and powerlessness, we see man has set himself up as god. It may be entirely unintentional, but if we are not submitted to the Lordship of God; 100% submitted; we will not see God be all that he can be in us, causing us to be ALL that we can be in him.


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