Posted by: forfreedomalone | 15/06/2014

Father’s Day

Today, on Father’s Day, I have read many loving tributes to fathers all over the world.
Some of the children clearly reflect the father they had. There are those who are struggling to live up to expectations, those who believe they have to work harder or give more to be like their Dads. Others describe soft and gentle fathers and you can see that in the child and the way they interact with friends here.
Every message contained words of gratitude and love; not one said “I hate you and I always did”. There are children, here, though, who could write those words and, maybe would like to.

We didn’t all have loving, caring, model fathers. Some of us had abusive men as Dads, who violated us in many different and hateful ways; who left us scared and damaged and only too well aware of it.
Some of us are still living with those men in our lives today.
To those among us I’d like to say this………

You are not alone, do not ever believe that you are. There are others who, as children, went through hell, but they kept going and so can you.
There is hope, you do not need to live with the results of a bad father for the rest of your days.

It is possible to start again.
There is a father who wants to take you back to the very beginning and erase all the damage, heal all the wounds, wrap you in arms of love and hold you tight. A father whose love is pure, who is NEVER angry with you, never abusive, never snide or hurtful or absent.

There is a father who’s bigger than the bully’s father, stronger than the thug’s. He is wiser than every teacher you ever had and more powerful than any ruler imaginable.
He is a different kind of father, he is waiting to be asked to be your Dad. He is so gentle and compassionate he knows how hurt you have been and he will not trample all over your heart. He wants good for you and only good; he will never punish you, offend you, humiliate you, yell at you, turn from you or force you to do anything you do not want to do.

If you need a new father, if the one you have known all your life is one you just can’t send a Father’s Day card to, come and talk to the one who wants you as his child to lavish love upon.
His name is God.

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