Posted by: forfreedomalone | 16/07/2014

Are you submitted?

Have you heard that you were saved before you were born and you don’t need to bother with believing it? Maybe you have been told not to worry about this life, you’ll be saved in the next anyway? How about, “Now that you are saved you don’t need to do anything as all ‘doing’ is work and we are freed from work”? Another favourite is “We are not under law any more so there are no rules, so we are free to do what we feel”.
Have you heard “We don’t need (or we do not have) free will”?
Believing has become ‘work’, guidance has become ‘Law’, the Bible is old hat and fallible and even Jesus has been reduced to quite a pleasant chap. People are falling for this stuff left, right and centre. People are even turning from sound doctrine for this fluff.
What boggles my mind is the desire for something so powerless.
As Dr Jim Richards says, the real issue at the root of all false doctrine is a refusal to submit to the Lordship of Jesus.
This stuff is so clearly not under his Lordship and, as a result, is powerless drivel.
Who wants to be rid of free will?
Two sets of people, one who want to live like sinners and one who want to live like saints. One who use their free will. daily, to reject Jesus and the others who use theirs to receive him.
There is no life without his Lordship, there is no grace without his Lordship, there is no safety, confidence, power, peace……need I go on?
Without bowing the knee in humility to his Lordship we are left with self absorbed, pride filled, idolatry.
I feel for those who fall for this, they believe they are being set free when all the time they are being bound tighter in the grip of the father of lies.
The Gospel is the good news about the kingdom of God. It is not ‘good news for today’; ‘good news, you’re okay’, ‘good news, he has forgiven you’ or even ‘good news, your sins won’t be held against you’.
It is Good News, you are accepted to live in the Kingdom through the sacrifice of Jesus on your behalf, receive the keys to the gate, come in and live under the King.
The King has only your good in mind. He has no plans to destroy you, but only to give you hope and a future. He has provided EVERYTHING you will ever need for your life, now and in eternity.
In this Kingdom peace, love and joy are the order of the day and there is no lack of any kind.
However, Jesus is King. If you can’t or won’t accept that you won’t find life good in the Kingdom, because heaven is not a republic; it is a Kingdom.
He is Lord, the Ruler, the Authority on all things, the Head over all.
If we do not submit to that Lordship we do not benefit from what the Kingdom has to offer.
Yes, we are free from Law for righteousness, doing to be accepted, condemnation and so much more. We have been set free, but it is freedom to submit to him. It is only in making Jesus your Lord that you fully enter the Kingdom. Making him Saviour only gets you in, making him Lord opens all the doors of the Kingdom.
If you are finding that your life is lacking……….in ANY area……….ask yourself, have I made Jesus Lord of this area, or am I still hanging on to control? If you are, you are never going to see the fullness in that area that he has for you. Let go of control and submit to him. He will NEVER lead you into anything but abundance. You have nothing to fear.

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