Posted by: forfreedomalone | 18/07/2014

Are you a Chocolate Teapot?

The Chocolate Teapot.

Father, when I consider my life I feel that I have been completely useless in every respect.
A nagging wife, a moaning daughter, an insensitive mother.
I have reacted from pain, run from love, reasoned away compassion.
I have brought nothing to the lives of those around me but the radiating suffering of my own heart, I am nothing more than a chocolate teapot……….neither use nor ornament.

I never asked you to be anything other than a chocolate teapot.
That is precisely what I require in the place you inhabit in this world.
You are MY chocolate teapot and through you I can confound the entire enemy world.
No chocolate teapot could survive sitting on the range if I were not the one sustaining it.
No chocolate teapot could grace the tea table, if I were not the one holding it together as it brews the tea.
I do not need, nor want, a china pot. My chocolate teapot is my preferred vessel.
You are exactly what you are supposed to be………the little pot who stops all talk and points her spout to me.

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