Posted by: forfreedomalone | 22/07/2014

Sowing or Planting?

One of the things which happens when we misuse words is that we lose the point when a word is used correctly.

The Bible tells us we will reap what we sow. I know a number of people who are planting and thinking it is the same thing.
One sows seed, one plants plants, one does not plant seed.

Seed is, for the most part, and certainly in Biblical illustration, very small and scattered. It is taken in the hand and thrown abroad across a field. The sower going back and forth scattering as he went.

If he sows wheat he will reap wheat. Corn will yield corn, barley, barley etc.
His crop will come from that field, but it will not necessarily come from one particular spot. Weeds may spring up and choke some of the seed, stony ground may not allow for a good foot hold for the roots and other area may be too dry for the seed to grow.
Birds may pick up a seed and carry it to another field.

The farmer who grows potatoes, for example, will plant a small plant and it will grow into a large one.He knows that where he planted his seed potato he will, in due course, find a crop of potatoes.

Why does this matter?
If you are planting love, time, prayer, money, etc into one person or area of your life, you will expect to reap that back from that same person or area, but if you are sowing, you are scattering widely and you will not necessarily know where the return will come from.
Sowing love, kindness, time, money, instruction etc into the lives of many people or areas of your life, even though it is only a tiny bit of seed you have sown, may come back to you unexpectedly.

The law of sowing and reaping is a natural law. You will reap what you sow, and you will harvest what you plant, but knowing the difference between sowing and planting, allows you to know what kind of harvest you are looking for in due season.


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