Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/09/2014

The good and the bad.

There is a great deal of watering down of the Gospel these days.
The Old Testament is equated with the Old Covenant; any Law is equal to THE Law, commandments have become suggestions, God is castrated, there are no choices and so no consequences and we are all going to heaven want to or not.

This article was written by a friend of mine and is a powerful retort.
It contains strong language and may offend some. If you are offended, perhaps you need to pray and ask if you are, maybe, off track with your doctrine?
God is love, he wants all to be saved, but he is also just and those who refuse what Jesus died to bring to them, who trample underfoot his blood and his name, who think they can create another Gospel which will work just as well as the old one, will not be exempt from the final judgement. It simply is not possible to profane the name and sacrifice of Christ and then waltz into the presence of the Almighty to spend eternity with he whom you profaned.

This is not about “hell fire and brimstone” teaching. It is the goodness of God which draws man to him and causes him to repent, but when you lose sight of how bad the bad can be, you start to lose sight of how good the good is.

There is a choice to be made and now is a very good time to make it.
Thank you Ryan Rufus for your powerful and courageous article.

” It is a soppy, powerless gospel that tries to defend God’s nature and justice against people by accusing God of being unjust and unloving. Those who teach it have chosen to not offend man and has removed the offence of the Cross from the Gospel. This produces false converts who merely try to add Jesus to their selfish lives rather than give up their lives and die, so that Christ can live through them.

God doesn’t get angry they say? God got very angry with Israel many times because of their unbelief and their actions of unbelief. He often judged them and killed many. It wasn’t their sin that killed them it was God’s punishment for their sin that either killed them or commanded them to be killed.
They entered a covenant where if they sinned they would receive punishment, curse and wrath! The Gentile nations had no covenant and God often wiped them out! God pronounced a curse over Adam and Eve after their fall, their sin didn’t pronounce the curse – God did.

Much of the Old Covenant judgement against sin was very penal. They were punished directly for their sin. What about the flood, Sodom and Gommorah, Egypt, Jericho, Ai – was that all God visiting his love on people? Hell is going to be void of love and full of wrath and it’s going to be eternal with no escape. I wish people would get back to a Gospel that had teeth in it.
Mankind is radically sinful, unbelieving, lost and on their way to eternal judgement and punishment and their only hope is to put their faith in the only Saviour, Jesus Christ, who took all of God’s judgement, punishment and wrath for us so that we may receive forgiveness of sins, God’s righteousness and eternal life in Christ.

The Good News becomes so good the more you realise how bad the bad news is! The most unloving thing to do is remove the bad news and any urgent need of receiving Christ. Shame on people who distort the Gospel. They may have been someone’s only chance of being saved.

What about the fury and indignation that people are going to receive who have trampled the blood of Jesus under foot? (Hebrews 10). Some people are trying to make out that God won’t judge or kill or condemn people but their own sin will judge, condemn and kill them. That’s just ignorance. Did sin create Hell? Did sin create death? No! God created Hell and God is the only one who can kill.

They assumes that God’s anger or wrath is inappropriate somehow. Or like some temper tantrum God couldn’t control. No, God’s wrath is always impeccably just, appropriate and right. And it doesn’t make him unloving. God loves the whole world and desires that all mankind be saved. His love towards mankind was displayed in Christ crucified on the Cross. But there is coming a judgement day when books will be opened and mankind will be judged according to how they lived their lives and according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eternal punishment will be executed to those not in Christ by a just judge called Jesus Christ, who is love.”


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