Posted by: forfreedomalone | 19/11/2014

Make use of safe guards.

Seeing something you have never seen before; understanding something you never previously understood; being able to explain what was, in times past, a mystery to you; all of these are wonderful experiences, especially when one is hungry to advance one’s knowledge of a subject or person.
However, if any of the above is as a result of your own intellectual reasoning, what you are seeing, understanding or able to explain could be faulty.

As we were getting to know one another my, then, boyfriend, now husband, would often say “You are…..” or “You think…..” or “You like…..” based on his observations of me……….BUT these observations were run though the filter of his own experiences and then the answer was churned out, and 9 times out of 10 it was wrong.

When we were looking at the things of God, seeking to see, understand or explain what has previously been hidden, we need a few safe guards.
Firstly, there is no new revelation about God. We may be able to have revealed to us what was hidden from us, due to various reasons, but the revelation is not, in and of itself, new. It is just new to me.
Ever revelation has to line up with what Scripture says and it should be borne witness to in the spirit of a more mature (in that area at least) believer.

Mark Virkler puts it rather well.
“There are two basic ways in which Scripture can help and protect us. First, every revelation must be tested against the written Word of God. If the revelation violates either the letter of the Word or the spirit of the Word, it should be rejected immediately.
There is no place for rationalising, twisting or explaining away the truth of the Bible.
There can be no strange, personal interpretations of some obscure verse. The Word of the Lord will stand forever, and any word to us from God will be in total agreement with both the letter and the spirit of the Eternal Word”.

There are a number of people, today, who are rationalising, twisting and explaining scripture; a great deal of scripture; using strange and personal interpretations. They are, like my then boyfriend, taking sound and solid information and running it though a programme which is corrupted and ending up with misinformation.
They may be well intentioned, but that doesn’t change the fact that their “revelation” is not of God, but of man.
Do not be deceived by ‘new’ revelation. Test the spirits, check the scriptures, listen to those who have gone before. Humble yourselves and be willing to accept that what is new and exciting is very possibly wrong.

God does not want to hid from us, he is more keen than us that he should be revealed to us, but if the revelation is not from him, it is not revelation at all. He has given us safe guards, not to hide behind, but to be a protection to us. Make us of those safe guards………true revelation will then be all the more sweeter.


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