Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/11/2014

Confession kills termites

Recently, I drew a parallel between the work of the Cross and being a home owner………….weird, maybe, but it worked for me and a couple of others

I’d like to introduce another concept to the ones I made recently.

I established that we chose to live in our house and were not forced to do so by the builder. I also established that when the house was finished the ‘work’ of being a homeowner had only just begun.

Now, I want to talk about the on going business of being a home owner.

1 John 1:9 talks about ongoing confession and ongoing forgiveness. For some this is anathema, as, they say, forgiveness was obtained at the Cross and that to say we need to ever seek forgiveness again is to say we need to add works to our freely given salvation.
Confession, some say, means to say the same thing as, so saying “I lied” is not confession and not something Christians need to do.
We need to say “I am already forgiven” or “God loves me no matter what”.
They may, also, say that to confess your sins to receive forgiveness is, again, adding works to salvation.

I’d like to propose that there is a slightly different aspect to this.

At the moment when I believed I was forgiven all my sin, past, present and future. I was not required to do anything but believe. That is a done deal, there is no more to add to it.
This is the act of saying “Thank you” to my builder and accepting the keys to my new home. It is finished.

However, as a human being I will, so long as I live, fall prey to Satan’s wiles. Let’s just use lying as an example.
There will be a day when I feel threatened by someone or something and I will lie to protect myself. Doing so is foolish and it is a blatent statement of lack of trust in God, but, I WILL do it at some point.
The previous verse makes that clear……..whoever says he does not sin is a liar.
When I do I have just sinned, because sin is acting or thinking out of lack of faith. What do I do now?

If I say “Oh, not too worry I was forgiven of that 2,000 years ago. God loves me no matter what and I just need to not do that again” I will find that my conscious is not going to be clear, even though I try very hard to believe it is.
However, if I can convince myself that my conscious is clear, I have still another problem.
By lying I have ‘given a foot hold to the devil’. I have not been possessed, nor even demonised, but I have come into agreement with him and his ways. He now has a legal right in my life on that issue. This makes it easier for him to persuade me to lay another time. With every successive time it is easier and easier; until my conscience is seared and I no longer feel any discomfort with my behaviour.

In house terms that is akin to allowing termites to get hold in one small area of my home. If I ignore them they will destroy my house.
I need to take action.
I need to firstly, notice that I have termites.
Then I need to call the pest control company and then I need to accept their plan to rid me of these pests.

In my life and in my soul, I need to see that what I did was lying………denying the lying doesn’t make it anything else, it just makes it harder to deal with. Then I need to go to God and say “I lied (as if you didn’t already know that!), please forgive me”.
I can ask him to forgive me, because I know he already has made provision for that. He did that 2,000 years ago.

Seeing and dealing with this issue removes Satan’s legal foothold and sets me free in my conscious.
Does it make me more righteous? Not removely.

It is no more a work, adding to my salvation or righteousness, than calling the pest control is adding to my ownership of my home.
It is an act of household maintance, not household posession.

Noticing that what we do is sin, going to God and confessing it and seeking his, already available, forgiveness is what smooths off the rough places. It is a sign to Satan that we are aware of our behaviour and we are aware of our God’s love, compassion and readily available forgiveness. By confessing and receiving we are thumbing our noses at Satan and his hordes. We are saying “I see you and I deny you any right in my life. My God welcomes me with open arms and cleans me of your filth. I will not be afraid of him or you”.

Do not despise confession, it is a powerful tool against our enemy.


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