Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/11/2014

More of a home owner?

In 2003 our builder handed us a set of keys and declared “It is finished”.
What was finished? Our house.
The building had taken some months and now it was finished.

However, on the other hand it had only just begun.
A house is for living in and the ‘living in’ was going to begin after it was finished. In fact, the beginning could not happend until the finishing had taken place.

“The finished work of the Cross” is a popular statement, one I have used myself, but which, in reality, is not telling the whole story.
It is an expression not found in the Bible, but extrapolated from Jesus’ exclamation “It is finished”, made just before he died.

If all was finished when he died. If the work of the Cross is the fulness of his work, then we are in a sticky situation.
Jesus, up to the moment of his death, had kept all The Law and the Prophets, he has shown what the Kingdom of God looked like and he had died in the place of sinful man.
If that is finished, then we have had our sins paid for and we have had a glimps of what the kingdom to come looks like, but we are left powerless to enter that kingdom or experience any of its benefits now.

In order for that kingdom to come, Satan had to be defeted, the keys of death and hell had to be returned to their rightful owner and the Holy Spirit had to be sent to us.
None of that had happened when Jesus said “It is finished”.

The Cross was a place of shame and cursing, to take us to a place of glory and blessing there was more to do.

Likewise, when we come to the Cross and recognise what he did for us there we gain a huge release of sin and shame and guilt; but, there is more to do.
We now have the blessing and glory to embrace, the good works, created beforehand for us to do and the new life we receive to live.

It is no more finished at the Cross for us than it was for Jesus, it is only the beginning.

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