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I was talking, yesterday, with a Pastor friend about how so many people seem to be heading in the wrong direction but cannot see it, admit it, or change it.
We were talking about the reasons why it is that some people keep going when ‘repentance’ is the better option.

Repent means, “change your mind”. That is all it means, it really is that simple. Change your mind about whatever it is that is the problem.

I have a friend who is struggling with dangeriously high blood pressure. One drug after another had been tried, but nothing works and everything makes this person unwell. They refuse to see that the real issue if their weight. It is the doctors, the pills, the system, everything but their weight.
There is no possible way to help this person and they will probably die from a stroke or heart attack as a result.
All they need to do is change their mind about what they believe is the root of the problem and help is at hand.

I know someone else who is on the verge of divorce. Their problems are the way their spouce treats them. At no point is there willingness to acknowledge that they have any hand in the problem, so there is no way to help.
If they would change their mind and accept that they do things to contribute to the problem they could be assisted out of the problem.

A family I was recently counselling believe that God is testing their faith by bring one disaster after another into their lives. He is the reason they are suffering horrendously, he is the sorce of their suffering, so there is no way they can turn to him for help in their time of need. They are stuck in a cravass of their own making and are refusing to repent… to change their minds about this totally unBiblical belief.

Why do these people resist changing their minds?

Well, I think there are several reasons, but the one I believe is the most powerful is fear of being vulnerable.
To be vulnerable one must strip away all masks, all pretense and all defense. One stands naked, emotionally, before others and says “I need help”. In that moment of total vulnerability there is the very real risk of total humiliation and rejection. There is the real risk that, having bared all, one will be left in pieces with no way of gluing them together again.

When we cannot or will not accept our vulnerability we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, because we cannot embrace our solution without vulnerability and we cannot remain as we are.

In these times Jesus said “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavey laden”. He was not talking about people carrying heavy goods from market, but about people bearing heavy burdens of the soul.
What did he say he would do if we came to him? Laugh at us? Humiliate us? Increase our burden? Tell us we made the bed, we have to lie in it? No. He said he would “Give (us) rest”.

In today’s society many are not familiar with rest. Fewer people work in manual jobs than ever used to, so the rest from heavy labour is not as well know as it used to be. Jobs which are high pressure are more numerous and incideous. Resting from mental labour is harder to do than from manual labour. More and more people are suffering stress related illness as they have no idea how to put down their burdens and rest.

Jesus said, “Come to me, let me take care of you and you will find rest, relief, recover and renewing of your strength”

To come to him we have first to change our minds about him being the source of our problems. We have to accept that we were wrong about that. He is our Saviour…the one who saves…not our tormentor. He is the one who restores, not the one who destroys. He is the truth, not the one who lies.
We can trust him to be one our side, to carry our burdens, to guide us into a better way, but we have to be vulnerable with him. We have to be willing to admit we were were going the wrong way, doing it ourselves and not listening to him. We have to be vulnerable or we cannot see that grin, from ear to ear and hear his gentle voice saying “Yes, you were weren’t you. Come on, follow me, I’ll help you with this”.

If we will not let down our guard, he cannot enter. If we will not remove our mask, we cannot see him properly. If we will not admit we do not know it all, he cannot tell us anything. If we will not shut up, we cannot hear his still, small voice.

If we will not repent, we cannot receive the very life we so desperately need.



  1. AMEN !!! God is not torturing us. In fact He doesn’t allow anything into our life that is not for our best. We may not understand, but it is still true.

    • God does not have the ability to keep things out of our lives which we choose to let in, but he NEVER sends things which are for our detriment.
      He has promised that he will turn that whichh was meant for our ill to our benefit, if we love him and follow him.

      Thank you for your comment. More people need to know just how good God is.

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