Posted by: forfreedomalone | 26/03/2015

Hiding in the dark

When I walked into the sitting room this morning, as 4:30am it was dark. Not pitch black, but dark. I am not sure there are many, today, in the western world, who know what pitch black is. There was the light on the face of the phone shining, the clocks on the oven and microwave, in the adjacent kitchen casting soft beams of light into the room. I have good eyesight in the dark and so all of that was more than enough for me to see by.

When I was a child we spend some holidays in a cottage in Dumfriesshire. The cottage was in a steep sided ravine and it has no electricity. At night, when we went to bed, it was pitch dark. It was so dark that I could see the spiritual world. It was a thin place.

Walking into the sitting room this morning reminded me of those times and of God saying that he hides in darkness. (Ps 18:11). This is not what people expect him to do, after all he is light, so how can light hide in darkness? Why indeed would he want to?

From the moment Adam and Eve ate of the fruit they lived by knowledge and knowledge uses sight as one of its major collectors of information. We believe our eyes, we look for evidence, we seek out knowledge. In the light we are able to see where we are going and what we are doing, so there is little need to trust any inner sense. We just trust our own assessment of the situation.

In the dark we are required to use other senses completely. In the dark, sight is of little use, we have to listen, feel and access our spiritual senses.
In the dark all stimulation to our preferred sense of sight is cut off and we are left blind. What a perfect place to hide in place sight, or should I say sense.
Here is where God becomes light in the dark, by blending with the dark and asking us to search him out with the eyes of our spirit.

In the light many things can be lost in plain sight, just as the trees are lost in the woods. We say we cannot see the wood for the trees because there is so much stimulation to our natural senses we have to shut out some information or we would go into overload.
In the dark, this is not an issue; we can tune into the spiritual realm; without the distraction of the whole wood, we will see the trees.

In the dark God is plainly seen, if we will use our spiritual eyes to see him. He is not shining as a light, but is standing, very close, very quiet, whispering as a still small voice. This is the place where, if we seek him, we will find him, because this is the place where all distractions are removed and we are able to encounter him as he is, not as we have created him to be.

When we are in dark places, spiritually, we will be able to see that he is with us and, even though there is no light by which to see we will be able to hear his gentle voice saying “This is the way, walk in it”.

When the people all gathered at the foot of Mount Sinai they were aware of God in the thunder, lightening, the trumpet sound and the smoke; they were terrified by all they saw and heard and pulled back. Moses went forward. What he saw and heard did not concern him, because he knew the one who dwelt in the darkness. He stepped into the darkness with God and entered the presence of the Almighty.  (Ex 20)

Practice sitting in the dark and just listening.  When you train yourself physically it is much easier to move in this realm when it happens spiritually. (1 Cor 15:46)
Do not be afraid of the dark, physically or spiritually, that is where God is hiding in plain sight.


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