Posted by: forfreedomalone | 07/04/2015

Are you satisfied?

Imagine this.

A man wins the lottery. The jackpot is £100,000,000. Highest ever recorded.
He goes to London to collect his prize and when he gets there he says, “£10,000 will be fine thank you. That will pay off my debts and give me a little to live on. I’ll have to keep working of course, but I wouldn’t be accepted in my community if I didn’t work. I have a lot of good friends whom I’d hate to lose, so I’ll just take £10,000 thank you”.

Or maybe this.

After longing for such a thing the government finally tell Patrick Moore that he can have the state of the art telescope to study the stars.
Sir Patrick is over the moon (if you’ll forgive the pun) and the moment it is open he puts his eye to the lens and marvels at the stars he can see. Twenty years later he is still spending his days marvelling at the stars he can see, however in all those years he had never move the telescope or sought out other or new stars. He is still staring at the same one he was 20 years ago.

Or this.

Having travelled all the way to the Cariboo in the 1840s amidst great hardship and plunging all his life’s savings in to buying a plot of land, the gold miner then sat in longed for gold until the day he died; without ever lifting a tool.

Sound ridiculous? It does to me too.
So why is it that when we ‘find’ Christ, when we ‘receive’ salvation, when we enter in at the gate, we sit down and satisfy ourselves with that?

We listen to the same messages week after week which never take us any deeper; we read the same passages, but never turn the sod; we feed on the dry bread but never wonder if there is butter and jam to be had; we drink the milk but don’t seek the meat.

Salvation for far too many is the point, the end of a life of searching and struggling. The moment of meeting the Christ, the Son of the Living God is like rain on desert ground. They are free and they are in full rejoicing, oh, happy day! But there they remain for the rest of their days.

What keeps us here? What makes us believe that we have ‘arrived’, there is it and that to seek for and ask for, more, is greedy?
In a word my friends, deception.

We are deceived into believing that this is enough, getting our needs met is enough.

Can you imagine being introduced to a great music/film/literary star and having the whole evening in which to chat with them, yet sitting mute? Of course not!
Then why do we do it with God?

If there is even the tiniest spark of longing for more in you, seek it. If there is the earliest hunger pang, beg bread. Let go of the milk bottle and ask for meat. Dig into the sod of the word and seek the diamond under the surface.

There are treasures untold in the presence of the Almighty, but they will remain there, unseen by you if you are not active in your pursuit of them.
Deep calls to deep, but deep is not heard in shallow.

If you are satisfied with what you have you will never have more, but if you are dissatisfied; in the sense of yearning for more; pray it through until you receive. God is big, his bounty is big, his heart is big, his desire to be known is big, but his version of big is WAY bigger than ours. He will never give you more than you want or more than you can handle. If you have sat down and settled for what you have of him, that is all you will get of him.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to die still drinking milk and only having met the Saviour. I want meat and a seat at the Father’s table where I am known as a member of the family. After all where is what the father is calling us to be.

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