Posted by: forfreedomalone | 14/04/2015

Kisses of an emeny.

The voice of the deceiver can sound smooth and gentle when he is luring you from the correct path. The voice of love can sound harsh and condeming when it is trying to rescue you.

Do not be deceived by how gentle or harsh the voice sounds; judge the fruit it produces.
Is it telling you all are saved? All will be? Is it telling you that you are innocent, yet you have never made a choice to follow Christ?
Is it telling you that God did not pour out wrath on the body of Jesus?
How sweet the kisses of an emeny can be!

There are teachers in the church today who are being hailed as ‘gentle teachers’ who are teaching total heresy. They are leading the sheep over the edge of a cliff. Do not be fooled, a gentle killer is still a killer.

Stick with what the Bible actually says; it is the word of God.
Rewriting the word is what Satan did in the garden. Whispering it in gentle and alluring tones was his teaching style and look where that got mankind!

If the gentle teacher is teaching against what the Word says, run!
He/she is indulging in ear tickling and you are in grave danger.

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses”. Pro 27:6


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