Posted by: forfreedomalone | 12/05/2015

You want balance?

Mankind seems to like to swing from A to Z and then back again.
For a long time sin was publically pointed out and people shamed and humiliated over it. Now no one dare mention it.
For generations ‘right doctrine’ was crutial, now it doesn’t matter.
Once discipling was ‘the only way’, now it is ignored.
Humanity swings from one extreme to the other and misses the thing so many are crying for, balance.

Sin MUST be addressed, it is still killing people; but it must be addressed in love, with compassion.
Right doctrine MUST be taught, but it must not be contentiously so.
Discipling MUST be the way to train up new believers, but they should be discipled in the ways of Jesus, not the ways of their guru.

The balance everyone is seeking after is not in “You are saved, live as you like”, “God loves you, never mind your behaviour”, ” You are under Grace, God’s standard is now lowered”.
It is in, “You are saved, now live holy”, “God loves you, now you can behave like him”, “You are under Grace, now you have the power to live UP, not DOWN, in standard”.

I feel there is a need to provide the balance folk are shouting for, but I also feel that when we do, there will be a HUGE falling away, because M is not quite where they think it is.
As a skier and, once, a bit of a climber, I know just HOW hard balance really is.


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