Posted by: forfreedomalone | 21/05/2015


Could we define ‘sin’ as “not God’s way”? It seems a pretty accurate definition.

Could we see that there is no freedom in sin?
There is no freedom in alcohol, no freedom in drugs, no freedom in sex, no freedom in anything which proports to set us free, yet exerts control over us. That is not God’s way.

These substitutes for real freedom lower the inhibitions and allow one to ‘be oneself’ without boundries, barriers or fear.
However, the morning brings a reckoning and we are forced to return to being the repressed person we were yesterday, hidden behind a wall of hibitions. This is not God’s way.

If we truly want to be ourselves, to be fully free, we need to abandon ourselves, not to drink or drugs or sex or television or food or any other masked controller, but to the one who has risen above the ‘releasers’ and allow him to release us fully and permanently. This is God’s way.

We need, no temporary release from the false self, but a eternal release. We need, not a weak imposter of a guide on the road to the true self, but a powerful and genuine leader who has trodden the path before us and knows its end. A leader who does not seek to take, but to give. One in whom no vestage of control is found. This is God’s way.

We need the one who can release us from ALL bondage to falsehood and make us able to be who we were created to be.

His name, should you wish to seek him, is Jesus Christ.

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