Posted by: forfreedomalone | 21/06/2015

Father’s Day

There will be many people who are, today, going through the motions of celebrating Father’s Day or avoiding it like the plague, because there is no way they could ‘honour’ the men who are their fathers.

They have been brought up by abusive, unloving, insensitive and hurtful men, who have brought more pain than love into the lives of their families.

There will be many who, today, say “I never loved my father and he never loved me; there is nothing to celebrate”.
Each child’s needs and experience are different, even in the same family, but if that is how you felt and today it saddens you, that you have no celebration and no father with whom to celebrate, I have news for you.

I know how you feel. Details are not important, but I grew up feeling that way. Even as an adult I could not send my father a Father’s Day card without feeling sick.
I did it, but I couldn’t feel it in my heart….until I set myself free.

When I set myself free from the pain I suddenly found that I had a father who was flawed, hurting and afraid and who needed love as much as I.
I found that my vision had been clouded by my pain and that what I through was the whole truth was only half the truth.

I had been taught, as a child, that God was my heavenly father and that he loved me, but the earthly experience meant that I rejected him too. Who on earth needs this twice! ?
But as I confronted that belief I found that he was not abusive, unloving, impatient or angry.
He was loving, patient and gentle, he was forgiving and healing; I really got to like him and found that I could trust him. When I did I could send away the offences my earthly father had inflicted on me, as he instructed me too.
I thought I was letting my father off the hook, but when I trusted and obeyed my heavenly father I found it was ME who was on the hook.

No bitterness, hurt or anger, to which I was holding on, was hurting him one iota. But it was killing me; quite literally.
By an act of pure will I sent away the offences and I suddenly found that I was free.
Jesus drew near to me and made me able, he took them from me one by one and nailed them to his Cross. He washed my wounds and held me in his arms. Love was pure, unsullied and free. So was I.

When I was free I was able to love, and relate to, the father I had hated, with no effort at all. In fact, we grew quite close.

If today is a hard day for you I understand.
If today is a hard day for you, go to your heavenly father, who loves you more than you can begin to imagine and tell him about all your pain; but don’t stop there, give it to him, send it away.
Set yourself free.

To all Dad’s, Happy Father’s Day.
May you all know the love of God and of your children, today and everyday.


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