Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/07/2015

All and part??

I was just listening to the song on the link below.
As I listened I was thinking, I can sing, but I am no singer. I can play a couple of instruments, but I am no musician. These people are SO talented. They are also so in tune with the Holy Spirit; as you watch them move from one song to another you can see that.

As I was thinking this the Lord said to me “What did you just write about the Tabernacle?”
I am teaching a LONG series on Covenant and we have reached the Tabernacle of Moses. I had just written that there were boards forming the sides of the Tabernacle and that each had to stand, but also be joined to the others.
The Presence would dwell within the Tabernacle once all were joined together and fixed. Not when one or two boards were upright, but when they all were.

Ps 140 tells us that the upright shall dwell in his presence.

If you can think paradoxically you can see that the Presence dwelled in the Tabernacle when all the boards were upright. Not some, ALL were of the upright.
Yet, we each, who are in Christ, have all of the Presence.

We are each complete in him, yet we are not complete until we are all together. We are parts of a whole, but whole parts at the same time.
He doesn’t need me to be another Melissa Helser and he doesn’t need her to be me. He needs each of us to who we are, but he needs us, as individuals, to come together and be more than the sum of our parts.

God dwells, fully, in each heart which has received the Holy Spirit, yet the fullness of his dwelling is the whole body. We have him all, yet we have him in part.
We need one another, and our differences, to see more of who he is in his body.

I suspect that is confusing to many, over the heads of others and lost on some, but I pray that one or two get it. 🙂

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