Posted by: forfreedomalone | 04/08/2015

Wings of Love

God HATES sin, every sin, no matter how we catagorise them. He hates them because of what they do to us, his precious creation.

We cannot list 7 DEADLY sins as the real killers, but omit the less lethal ones as ‘ a bit of a nusance’. We cannot excuse our sin as being less that ‘their’ sin,

His holy standard is HOLY, it is “set apart” from all other standards and cannot be lowered. It cannot be compromised, it cannot change EVER.
What to do?
How can sinful man, who cannot, no matter how he tries ever measure up to reach set apart God?
How can holy God, who cannot, no matter what, lower his standard to reach sinful man?

He built a bridge of blood. The life was in the blood and the shed blood would be a substitute for life of the sinner.
From Moses to Jesus that blood was imperfect but temporarily acceptable; from Jesus until the end of eternity that blood is perfect and eternally acceptable.

Sin is still an abomination to God, his holy standard has not changed, he has not changed. Sin will still kill us, sin will ruin our lives and seperate us from God, in our minds and in our hearts…..but the eternal bridge will also never fail.

When the Ordinances (role of the priests and the rules of over the sacrifical system) were fulfilled by Jesus, the purpose of the other two parts of The Law (the commandments and the judgements) were able to be seen for what they were. God’s love towards us.

When we see his love for us, in how he protected his precious people, we can respond with love. We love him, because he first loved us. We no longer see the law as something we have to measure up to be be right with him, but as his wings of protection over us, spread about because of his love.


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