Posted by: forfreedomalone | 02/09/2015

Give him your rubbish

Imagine, if you will, that you own two large boxes.
One you use to store your treasures; jewels, gold etc. The other you use to store ‘gardening clothes’, You know the kind of thing; it’s holey, stained and well beyond presenting in pubilc, but just fine for washing the car or gardening.

Now imagine that one day Jesus comes to visit you. You are overcome with delight and love for him. He is absolutely your best friend, your closest confidant. You are SO excited about his presence in your home and you want to give him a gift.

To which box would you go to get him a gift?
Yes, I know, it seems like a really stupid question; of course, we would all go to the first one. Such a special person needs a very special gift. Something really percious and unique.

So what would you say if I were to tell you that Jesus wants you to go to the other box and bring him some of your ‘gardening clothes’? That is the gift he really wants.

You would probably tell me I am nuts, and you wouldn’t be the first, but you’d be wrong.

In that first box you have many lovely treasures, but which of them is really good enough for Jesus? Which is something he does not have and needs?
None of them.

In the second box you have rubbish. That is RIGHT up Jesus’ street. He loves to be given your old rubbish becasue he can do something with rubbish. He can turn it into a precious treasure.

Our jewels are like our talents, abilities and well sorted areas of our lives. What can he do with those?
Our rubbish is like the areas of our lives where we are useless, uneducated, lacking any talent, fearful and falling apart. What can he do with those?

Do not fear bringing him your rubbish, he is excited by rubbish, he can see new life in it and is ready to recreate it. He will restitch your old gardening clothes into beautiful designer garments.
All you will have to do is turning up for the final fitting.

If you want to give him something he wants, give him your rubbish. He REALLY wants that and he can REALLY do something with it.

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